Retrig rate modify?

did anyone notice or hear if you can attach the pad’s pressure value to retrig frequency?

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Yeah, I’d also like to do this. It is a sensible control assignment

Hello, I’m new here, but old to Korgs and other gear. I like to make IDM etc.

What I’d like to do is assign button pressure to retrig speed. (push harder to speed up, for example)
Is there a current way? / Could we request this feature?

(I did notice that the Retrigs lock to the main tempo if you turn up Master Quantize to max on the Project. which is handy for the above framework. I’m used to Electribe ESX where this is always the case. )

While we’re talking, how about a momentary “Retrig everything that’s currently sounding” feature? Which would sound almost like a “buffer repeat” on digital gear. (Drum Brute does have this)
(No, I don’t have an Octatrack etc. …yet. ; - )

Apparently not.
I’d try to set an lfo to mimick a retrig, and assign Aftertouch Mod to multiplier and / or speed. DEST = Filter, Exp wav.

Other possibility, assign Aftertouch Mod to End, loop a sample > faster retrig.

Edit : Tested, these work but Aftertouch is not linear.
To record different speeds, I’d simply tweak lfo or End in Live Recording mode.

I’d also try Velocity Mod, so that you can record it.