photo verification have asked me to send photo ID. I just sold something, have posted it already, and am awaiting payment so this feels like they’re ransoming my payout for a photo. I find this very unsettling. This is the third or fourth item I’ve sold there in the last few months.

Why? Why now? I’d really prefer not to.

does it have to do with tax information?

…i also think, they just wanna make sure ur a private seller and not some sort of business that starts up more and more frequently…

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It might be that you’ve crossed a certain payment threshold. I think I had to do it back in the day. Check their FAQs for confirmation.

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Chat support is good at Reverb. Had a straight line to the support guy by email after the first informative chat.

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That’s encouraging. The line was shut for the day when I tried a few moments ago. I used the robot assistant to request email support.

That is odd. I’ve sold thousands of dollars of stuff on there and never had to do that…and wouldnt.

that’s good to hear. i had a very unresponsive chat/email support when i had a bad seller trying to refuse refund for a broken product…the experience sort of ruined reverbdotcom for me

I can’t find it anywhere else now but there was a pop-up when I went to reverb last week saying because of new tax law they ask for id when you transactions go over $600 per year.

Not sure about photo id, but if you are in the USA, the tax reporting requirements have changed. Reverb, and many other selling sites that handle the payment, are now required to collect and report your tax data, and will send you a 1099 form in 2023 for your 2022 taxes.

There’s a thread on this if you want to read and discuss that.

The first post in that thread has a link to an article that describes this.


ive had a new request for photo id on a crypto website, unfortunately they use an automated 'clever A.I ’ system and my passport photo is 10 years old (i had hair!!).

so its not been very easy… i need to contact support.
as mentioned I’m sure its due to some tax changes… I’m a u.k citizen but i think binance is all american .

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How do they know if the photo is of you? You can send a photo of anyone. Passport or driving licence maybe but a random photo? Sounds dodgy.

I haven’t sold anything in 2022, but I’ve sold a ton of things and never gotten this treatment.

The selling sites and e-money payment apps in Japan are requiring this more and more to make sure people are who they say they are. The confirmation is not necessary for all functions.

They have you photograph your ID back and front and then take another photo via the app with some AI thing that determines the depth of the ID, to make sure it’s not a copy, and you have to have a photo of yourself holding the ID, plus the name and address you use for the site has to match the info on the ID. I think it’s a combination of algorithm and people checking because it takes like a week or two for them to approve you.

Ask them for their photo, holding a copy of today’s newspaper, in their knickers.

What! You seriously can not mean that the fool proof Hanko is not good enough for the 21st century :rofl:


Facebook suddenly locked my account, asking the same … photo of my ID (or other proof with personal data) to ‘protect’ my account. My FB name was not my real name (made up nick name in the early days of FB) which was probably the reason for locking - violating FB’s naming policy.

Strangely enough, in real life, physically, it’s only police, other state authorities and maybe banks that are authorized to check your ID (I’m in CZ/EU). Throwing a scan of my ID into the guts of interwebs is the last thing I want to do. So I fully understand the hesitation.


Might be a good time to quit FB. I haven’t checked mine in ages and frankly am afraid to even login now!

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Unless you give your consent, which you probably did when you created your account and accepted their conditions…

I did Yesterday. Felt good


To be clear, they’re asking for ID rather than a photo. So, from their end, the system makes sense.

I’m still very unhappy about sending a copy of my passport over the web to them, to store for some indefinitely time period. It’ll be low-quality; you won’t be able to make a decent print-out of it… but I want to resist the practice entirely because it’s insecure and disrespectful.

I’m also enraged that they force this policy change on me after a sale but before they pay out, rather than allowing me to choose whether or not to continue using the service to sell items under the new terms. If I don’t agree to the change, I lose money. I already posted the item, the recipient already paid. This is ransom.