Reverb question

Hey Octaguys, I’m looking for a way to do the following thing:
Place the reverb effect on a certain frequency (band). Example: I play a sample or synth through a Thru machine and want a reverb only on the hi freq of it (not filter complete sound and send it to reverb).
Any ideas?

you could “realtime” re-record/play the input of the thru track and set your wished settings on fx 1 and 2. sezare can explain in detail - lol

Pretty sure wherever you can use a reverb effect you can use the HP/LP filter parameters to isolate the frequencies you want.


easiest way to get that result is to use a second track with 100% wet mix on reverb and a filter in front. that´s why the resampling. what finalform says is true too, but a dedicated filter gets you much more control to trigger certain frequencies on the reverb unit.

I mean if I want to use the dark reverb.

Anything without re-recording? But thanks so far.

you could add another thru track with the same input, set fx 1 to filter and fx 2 to dark reverb 100% wet. should give you the wished result with total control on volumes frequencies etc for the reverb.

I don’t think I understand what it is you want to achieve that isn’t covered by the HP/LP parameters of the reverb FX. You mean you want to filter the full frequency wet reverb signal? Rather than filter the signal that is sent to the reverb?


no, i want to use a second track that filters the signal on fx 1 and uses fx 2 reverb full wet. filtering before the reverb, reverb mix is just track volume.

Sorry, I understood what you wrote, I was replying to the OP.

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Do you want to just double up? EQ what you want on one track pre thru machine, leave the other one dry?

@sezare56 has been very busy working the :elot: helpline lately… :rofl:

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I need to look again there but I thought when I use HP/LP it affects the complete original sound and not only the reverb tail.

HP/LP in the main reverb parameter page only filters the signal that is sent to the reverb. If it is affecting the whole sound you might have the MIXF set to MIX and the MIX turned to fully wet? You can change MIXF to SEND and then the MIX parameter just controls how much of the reverb you hear and leaves the dry signal as it is.


That works. Thanks a lot!


Have you also had a look at shelving freq+gain ?
This help taming high frequencies as well.
HP & LP are pre-reverb, while shelving acts post-reverb.

A good practice IMO is to rise HP to avoid reverb overloading and mudding the sound, while using shelving to filter high frequencies.
I have found lately that values of Mix around 11 o’clock are pretty fine, the reverb staying in the back and doing its thing discreetly :slight_smile:


Thx for the explanation. I will play around with this.