Revive Dick Malibu (Customized Faceplates)

Hey folks,
With this thread, I want to see how many people we can gather, who are in search of customized faceplates of their gear.
I’ve bought an MD MKII couple of months ago. Shortly after, I found various entries in forums about customizing the MD or the Mono. While diving deeper, I found that most of these customized faceplates were manufactured by a group of people called Dick Malibu. A look on their webpage and Instagram showed, that they seem to be inactive right now, as their last post is dated back in 2017. Their work seems to be pretty awesome and an MD in Black likewise the newer productions would be a pleasure!
Further, I think I’ve seen that he/she or the group is active in this forum, so maybe we can reach them for manufacturing another small batch!
I highly recommend to take a look at the work they’ve done ( ) and maybe a few of you are still in “need” of a new faceplate as you can still get some for the octa, mono and A4 on their webpage. I hope I am not the only one and we can gather in here, so they can see that their work is appreciated!
Other than that, If anyone has a black Front Panel laying around for the MD MKII, I would be highly interested in getting my hands on one of these! :sunny: image|666x500

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He’s a good guy. I’ve talked to him on the phone a few times when ordering faceplates. He did a custom blood red one for my MD and a black one like the one in the pic for the other MD I purchased. The faceplates are super good quality. Side note, I have a red OT MK1 faceplate laying around I need to get rid of if anyone is interested. I’d like to see some custom DT and OT faceplates!


I’d love a DT faceplate without all the words around the trigger buttons (at least 1-8 since i don’t use them as labeled), get rid of the input labeling on top edge, delete the quick mute indicator and say bye bye to the Elektron logo…


I would love another set. Had the A4 white one a few years ago, never should have sold it.

Interesting question. Is there files for faceplate templates for mk2 devices?

On Styleflip?