Rme ucx

Hi! Does anyone own the RME UCX audio interface and how has your experience been with so far?


I have one for years and it’s only been pleasure,nit just works and it’s able of a lot. I’m using windows and never had a glitch in any way.

Any idea how this interface works with Mac OS and can this interface work standalone?

I don’t have experience on osx sorry.

Yes it does work standalone. Also class compliant, works great with an iPad and there’s a total mix app to control the UCX.

Routing options, effects, super flexible and does the job for anything I had the idea of.

Hi! I’m use it al the way with macOS and it’s very stable. Their drivers are one of the best.

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I use the UC now For about three years with MacOS and stability and Sound quality is outstanding excellent. Made in Germany at its best.
UCX should be similar as good.
Both also works standalone!

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Is there any bad rme interface? I think you just need to find the one that fits your needs and be done for 10-20 years. Or more…

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Set and forget type of thing with excellent sound quality, what’s stopping you?


Thanks all

I used to own one/ very stable drivers, decent AD converter, discrete DA conversion but it is not the top of the RME range; 8 inputs and 6 analog outputs and adat digital in out.

Total mix software is very handy for routing between softwares and in and analog out.

It is very old with a firewire and a usb2.0 connection.

Firewire is dead, and USB2 will be soon.

I would personally buy it only for €300 maximum but not new- it will be obsolete in short time.

Tell that to the people still using their Fireface800/400… Complete none sense that it’ll be outdated soon mate.


Firewire is a defunct technology; Apple for example has already started to remove support for kernel extensions, this means that all these audio drivers that are currently kexts will have to be recoded for the device to work. Maybe Apple and Windows will support firewire for ever but the latest developments do not suggest so.

If you think it is a future proof product it is totally fine, I am only saying I would not invest €850-€900 for a UCX now, I would invest €300-€400 for a good second hand UCX.

I have one, and it just works. It works with windows and os x perfectly and also supports class compliant mode.

While RME may release something new or they may not, I don’t really think it’s going to make the UCX obsolete. It’s really in a sweetspot for a USB interface. You will have a hard time finding one for 300e.

USB 3 is backwards compatible. Any device that can read usb3 can read usb2. Even usb1 is still supported.

FireWire Was always a fairly niche product, and never saw very wide adoption. In comparison, try to find a modern computing device (apart from iPhone and iPad with lightning) that doesn’t have a USB port…

Given the ubiquity of usb (1, 2 and 3) from consumer to pro, and the fact that usb-c is allowing further standardisation across a lot of industries, there’s no reason to suppose it’s going anywhere.


That’s the price range for an old fireface 400…