Road trip

Become an Octatrack user of course :wink:

Seriously though… I would say that less is more might be a better approach. Out of what you have, I’d probably just bring the cycles. I agree that Digitakt / Field recorder would be a fun option too.

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It’s too bad that TEU prices make Monomachines look downright affordable. Otherwise, you could take a shipping container, replace the toxic wood floor with some nice recycled wood, cut in some big windows, add work tables and a chair, and maybe strap a Japanese Capsule Hotel Capsule on top for sleeping.

You probably need an actual trucker or a trucker’s license to drive it around, or you could have someone offload it into the wilderness for you for a week or two and then move it again.

Another fun fantasy is a private railcar. Few people know that you can buy or lease your own railcar and ask Amtrak to drag it around for you.