Roam : modular / ableton hybrid live set

Spent a few days in Brittany reuniting with my friend Kerst for our live project Roam. Here’s a spontaneous recording of the session. We had to stop as the ableton clock drifted at the 42min mark unfortunately. He’s using live 10 and I brought my 12u modular, filled with mostly Verbos modules.

45 min of deep techno, we’re pretty happy about this one considering how quickly and fun it was, hope you enjoy it too.

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Back over the festivus period when I came back to Brittany my friend Kerst and I had the (too rare) occasion of putting a little studio live set together in between small families reunions, curfews and lockdowns.

We solved the clock problem using an audio pulse coming from ableton straight into my modular (Nerdseq in this instance). It’s dead on and doesn’t drift.

The whole 45min session is on soundcloud, I’ll probably upload it to youtube too later on, but our phones/cameras kept dying so I think we only have one angle of the whole thing. Anyway here’s the sc link and a few snippets over at instagram :


Some cool bits in there but sounds like a compressor is sucking the life out of it? When the kick drum comes in after a break most other sounds get completely pushed out, it seems.

I agree it’s much over compressed. My friend did all the editing and probably slapped a heavy handed compressor on it. Now that it’s up it’s a bit late to change but it’s good to know for next time.

I’ve put it up on yt too for those who prefer videos :

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