Roland VR-09 electric piano/organ/combo... thoughts?

Hey there. By any chance could anybody offer some thoughts on the Roland VR-09? I would love a Nord Electro but I can’t really afford that nor validate that save/spend as I’m not a PLAYER player. Played as a kid so i’m not totally useless but I just do the chordsing and the messing about until something sits right. :slight_smile:

Asking because I think I get a substantial discount on Roland through my job and I want something decent for EP/organ/piano hardware. A used Electro 3 would still be 3x the price or more for me after the discount.

Been using Arturia Stage73 quite happily but yeah… DAWless as much as possible is my agenda. Thanks in advance! !

I love VR09, cause it’s straightforward. It’s really good for live use (concert, rehearsal, finding idea …), you select your tone or two and just play. You have some drumloops to train your playing or be inspired. You can loop small ideas, or record on usb stick for later use.

Sound are Ok to good, depend on instruments type. Too much reverb or fx on preset but it’s easy to fix.

For each sound, you have few parameters you can change with faders, but it’s far from being a synth, so you are limited to onboard sounds.

It’s affordable, lightweight, keyboard is ok. If you’re not searching for high quality sounds, it’s a go.

I looked into it a while ago. Has the typical Roland Sound quality which is a good thing. Maybe even “Supernatural”? But imho the keybed was a little too soft. Depending on the price tag you might consider a used Kurzweil PC361 or similar. Should be in the same range.

thanks all! @twyce yeah tbh i mostly need the rhodes/wurli stuff, some organ. i don’t have all that much need for the piano/synth sounds, and since i’ve heard the sound is a bit “weak” compared to, say, Nord… ultimately when I do finally record it will be through UAD preamps/eqs/compressors.

@SoundReverend yeah that’s the thing. i get 40% off roland via work, i think. takes a few emails and some waiting time, but for that price i’m thinking this is the way to go… until there’s a point where it’s like okay, i can afford a nord… if that time ever comes.

i make mostly kinda jazzy deep house, broken beat stuff… so i think this could work for now.

thanks so much for taking the time to respond :slight_smile:

ultimately i guess i was just wondering if it’s total trash/passable or what hahaha :slight_smile:

Yep, I think VR09 could suit perfectly for that and your price range.

brilliant thank you!

If you get this kind of discount it is a now-brainer :slight_smile: Here in Europe they go for around 650€… and on the pretty pricy way to a Nord you might stop by Yamaha’s CP series :slight_smile:

hey there :slight_smile: yeah i’m in Berlin. that’s about right. i thought about the Reface CP for a long time as well. apparently considered a surprisingly killer rhodes emulation across the board. thanks :slight_smile: gonna go with the Roland i think!