"Round Robin" using Sample Chains or Retrigs?


I was initially confused about Sample Chains thinking they were the equivalent of the “round robin” feature found in Kontakt (several samples of the same drum sound with slight variations to each hit to eliminate the “machine gun” feel).

With that said, I’m hoping to recreate that feature, mainly for fills, by using Sound Locks or Sample chains. I’m not sure which one would be the best. If I could set several Sound Locks over a very short amount of time, then that would be the ticket. However, I don’t believe I can do that without the ability to create more than 1 trig per step. Also, I don’t believe I can set a sound lock per “retrig.” Hopefully I’m wrong…?

So, my questions are:

  1. Can I create more than 1 trig lock/sound lock per step?

  2. Or, can I use a sample chain and jump to a different slice more times than 1 per step? Maybe using re-trig somehow?

  3. Lastly, if none of this is possible, what exactly is the benefit of using sample chains other than saving space in the sound pool and saving some load time?


1 sound lock per step is OK. For such simple use I usually prefer sample chain, and this is very true for short samples.

Now to change a sound during a retrig, you would use the LFO
This works with both technics :
[li]sample chain : LFO DST on sample STArt[/li]
[li]sound lock : LFO DST would change the target sample (SMP)[/li]

I think for such use sound lock would be easier.
Pay attention to get the samples you want to retrig close one of another of course.

Now set the LFO depth to 0 for default
If you want to retrig different sounds on a chose trig, then p-lock the LFO DEP to your need.


Oh ! And sample chains is cool if you want to have more than 128 samples in your whole project. Maybe one day you’ll reach this limit ^^
This has been debated several times I think, look for old threads to get some different lights about this.

Sound pool instead of sample pool makes it easier and less volatile when doing round robin stuff with samples IMHO. Like making 4-5 sounds, save them to the +Drive to have them available for other kits and projects.

Since you’re making sounds (aka presets) using sample chains works just as well as single samples.

So you load the sounds to the sound pool and sound lock instead of p-locking.

Dude!! LFO to change the samples? I never would have thought of that. That’s awesome. Thank you. I guess the only bummer is that I generally use the LFO for fun mods on the snare, but it’s a small sacrifice to get the round robin ability.

Thanks a bunch!

I’m usually using the LFO to sample selektor trick for round robins myself. Any tips on which LFO mode works best? HLD has been my go-to so far…

For controlled RR, sound locking sounds like a good idea, as long as your not using a whole kit’s worth of tracks to RR with… i usually only RR hhs & snares…

I’ve never actually tried doing RR with samplechains, because of the possible in-between-the-hits states that an LFO modding the samp start time can cause… anyone succesfully pulling this off without glitches?

I really like it when someone has a problem to do a particular thing.
Knowing what the machine can do is not enough, a whole community is needed to think about all the combinations of possibilities to get weird effects :smiley:

Must say I can’t wait for the moment I can try this, it seems much fun !
Do you guys already have example of such technique in use ?

i find it works pretty well if you have 120 short samples spaced equally in the chain…plus it makes finding the samples very easy…