Rumor: A4 MKII incoming $829 usd

listed as “clearance” by jrr shop owner in a thread at kvr

Yup, prices are low in Australia too. I’m actually tempted to get one…

Germany too. 900 Euro

I don’t know. I am the opposite. I’d hold out a little to see if there’s a new toy coming. Save a couple hundred bucks now, but then have a superseded product without the new bells and whistles?
Reckon I would regret it in the long run, and then I’d be on here winging that I bought it, and demanding why I wasn’t informed of the update :joy:

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If they release a mk2 and it looks like the new OT, I think I’ll pass tbh…


I suspect JRR was not supposed to explicitly use the words “clearance” :

“Elektron Analog Four clearance sale for $829 (was $1,249):

Great prices and I’m on the fence about the look of the mkii octatrack.

With the money saved on the MK1 i already have 30% towards next synth :slight_smile:

If they release something much better I’ll have both :slight_smile:


Prices have dropped in the UK too now. £788 at Juno

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If the A4 mk2 has four outs (1 for each voice, as the Keys), I will upgrade.


Well there goes my mki resale value…

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A4 prices dropped a huge amount in Aus too, but Rytm prices seem to have gone up.

Just noticed that the A4 price dropped to 899 Euro on

Given the events of this week might it portend a MkIi in the works?

Could we get official Elektron word on this? Would be nice to know when A4mk2 and ARmk2 are available.

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900 Euros in germany us a steal. I suspect, they will update it like the ot with an oled, other buttons, high res encoders and a bit more power on the outputs (maybe one for each channel). but I dont expect new functions as this already have trigger conditions and ob support. so if I didnt already have one, Id grab it now.


I’m guessing that aside from the obvious button/encoder/OLED change, there will be indiv. outs like on the AK, and perhaps improved USB hardware for better overbridge functionality. Not expecting to see much else changed though.

Circuits fine tuned to deliver deep bass :okej:



Larger Screen,


Maybe instead of Analog Four MKii it will be an Analog Six :heart_eyes:

what’s polychain…?