Rytm/A4 Nature One 2017 VIDEO

7 minutes from my liveset at nature one


Sounds top thatđź‘Ť

Very cool… i like your dynamics and groove

Can the vid be shared in the media page? Or is it too short?

dope sound.

well executed… interesting and capturing!!!

are you using samples too?

do you have tutorials of how you make your tracks?`

really sweet little video!


Yes, I sometimes use 808 / 909 samples, or vocal samples, or instruments samples, (piano sound, ect). Kick and clap are often samples. Or the stock samples of the rytm ;). But it’s the editing, programmig, modulation and the FX in the rytm which does the trick.

Best tip: modulation --> p lock, velocity, LFO -> random, Retrig steps …

I never use the clap machine inside the rytm, I dont like it.

lfo random retrig steps`? that works? did not know that! how ?

are you doing any after treatment? how is the ar ar a4 a4 being processed? any expensive outboard gear, for EQ or Compression?

cheers buddy : )

I meant random lfo wave to destination you chose. And also retrig steps.

Processing: in ableton some multiband dynamics, glue comp, eq, limiting in that order :wink: nothing special but it does help make the sound more compact, loud and the transients are better. Thanks for the youtube comment!

Ow the ableton processing happens live, its not done after the recording took place. What you hear is what It sounded like live :wink: I just pulled up the gain with couple db for the video.

sounds really sweet man! cudos!

try submitting your tracks to Thomas Schumacher… he might play it on his podcast!!

How do I do that?

good stuff man :thup:

on his facebook he is talking about his podcast, and tells you so submit a track if you want it to be played.

you sound his style, thought this would interest you …

maybe this I can get you interested as well …


copying performance macros between projects : ) … sorry for the hijack : D

Now in a separate thread, if you want to read about it:

very nice! i love the ghostly atmosphere.