Rytm and OB beta NV Ram error

ever since i installed the new beta on the MK1 its behaving very strangely i get a nv ram error message and entire sample banks are now missing from the + drive basically any kit that was loaded into the machine will be deleted on power down. what the fuck? theres been mention about this so other people have been experiencing the same issue but is there anyone with a solution? its obviously a major bug.

That seems to be a very rarely reported problem.

I recommend that perform a self-test: hold down [FUNCTION] while powering up the AR, then press the first [TRIG] key to enter Test Mode.

Make a note of the displayed results and report them in a support ticket via Elektron’s website.

i did a reset and got the factory sounds back at least. test mode revealed no errors which leads me to speculate that this is some kind of over bridge issue. the MK1 was running fine before firmware upgrade. i also have an ARmk2 running same os and this doesn’t have a problem at all. hypothesis : beta version clashes with AR MK1 hardware.

Not sure if it’s related, but I downgraded my MK1 from the beta to 1.31B last night and also got the NVRAM error and none of my projects would load. Luckily everything’s working after updating back to the beta, as I hadn’t made a backup recently! Need to downgrade for Overbridge V1 audio unit / Strom, but not sure how to do it safely.

ever since i loaded the beta i get this message. i downgraded the os to 31b but the issue is still there. the bug wipes anything loaded into ram.

yeah firmware updates brick some devices. prove me wrong.
track functions seem to all be fused to kick drum pad. if i change any parameter on any other track kick drum is also affected. how annoying. hey elektron how, about you not release anymore machines and fix the ones you have?

Try explaining your problem clearly over at support by raising an official ticket there