Rytm as a compressor


just wanted to hear if people have tried to run entire mixes through the Rytm’s compressor (not necessarily including the Rytms’ own sounds).

How does it work as a substitute for a dedicated hardware compressor (medium to low budget)?

I haven’t tried running external mixes through the Rytm’s compressor, so I can’t answer you there. Honestly, I’m a little skeptical of the Rytm input - I’m wary of putting a full mix through it.

But I am making full tracks on the Rytm alone, using the compressor on the entire mix. I think it sounds great, way more effective and immediate than the compressors on the digital Elektron boxes (though I do get useful results out of the OT comp).

In particular, I really like the sidechain EQ options. With four separate settings (off, lowpass, highpass, and HIT which cuts some bass out of the SEQ) you have good control over how the kick makes the whole mix groove. It’s effective for the dance music I’m making.

If Elektron enables the incoming audio to be boosted then this would be cool as the compressor does sound nice.

I really wish they’d inserted the audio before the other effects (like on the A4) especially through the overdrive, which I think sounds really great.

I’ve tried running my AJuno through it. I’m a total noob to mixing, let alone compressing, but after going through all sorts of parameter adjustments on the compressor (my goal was a nice ducking), I’m not getting much of anything.

I do think it has something to do with the input.

Edit: If anyone else has gotten better results, some tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the replies. The sidechain eq does seem like a nice feature.

Were you able to manage any results with the side chain?

Were you able to manage any results with the side chain?[/quote]
I’m still deciding whether to get one, I was just asking as part of weighing for and against. :slight_smile: