RYTM as a polyphonic synth

Use the below device to split chords so that each note gets recorded on a separate RYTM track.

Then, rearrange/transpose/sequence/scale/trig condition those ideas on the RYTM’s voices and combine with drums. Or, use the new MIDI out to sequence other gear.

It’s like having a little SEM inside the RYTM.



Nice. I like to use Rytm as an analog polysynth sometimes too: put 2 identical DVCO patches next to each other and detune them as fifths and then detune them from each other. Gives you 4 voice polyphony. And then one could mix in samples on top as well. And what’s nice is that you can set macro’s for both voices under one (Perf) pad for easy control.


Should work with midi processors like Retrokits RK002, Midipal / Midibud, Event Processor Plus…

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