RYTM boots to white screen after update

Was working fine, then I thought Id do a update…

-Did OS update (power on, trig key 4)
-RYTM said “ready to receive”
-Sent latest sysex via midi using C6
-RYTM said “receiving”
-C6 said “Done”
-RYTM still said “receiving” so I left for 10 mins after C6 said “Done/Completed” and nothing changed. no buttons worked so I decided to do Hard reset by turning off on rear of RYTM.
-Upon turning off I got a message flash up of literally 1/4 sec which I only caught the word …Bootstrap…?

Now it powers on, but doesn’t boot to anything. No change if I hold Function key or anything. Just a white screen and noise from the outputs.

Ive done loads of SysEX transfers before but never had this issue before .

Please help me!!!

ouch - I’ve never updated an OS that way - I also recall reading that it was not recommended, can’t recall where, but here’s a recent Elektron comment on the matter which may explain why you had zero progress

have a look at the OS release notes, I think it states in there the recommended route to update, not much help to you now, but i’d have been a bit reluctant to do too much whilst in that early startup menu

edit : the ‘not recommended’ comment related to an earlier version of A4 os

it is possible to upgrade from that menu, but there are a few highlighted warnings about power cycling because the bootstrap may be upgraded (same applies to upgrading from within the system/global/os upgrade menu

I thought you could do it either way. I wouldn’t normally power cycle anything when its firmware and software are loading but it was completely unresponsive.

Do you -or anyone- know if there is a key combo to hold to try and reload a complete software/firmware on it? Its like it can’t even read its bios.

I’m not sure what the best steps are, but i’d certainly wait it out until support can advise you exactly …
the fact you saw the …‘bootstrap’… comment doesn’t sound too encouraging, sounds like a back-to-base type situation , bit of a hassle, but at least you’re covered

…i’ll ask as i don’t see it mentioned in the posts: have you tried entering the early startup menu? (hold Function key whilst you power up the machine)

from there you have a couple of options that should help you out

[s]ref: page 65 of the manual

[/s]edit: …actually…just reread the posts and you mention this, mm…open a support ticket