RYTM + Cirklon CK Pattern

Is anyone having success with RYTM and CK Patterns???
Can seem to figure out how to get things rolling…

I don’t have an AR, but here’s my suggestion for an approach.

If you want to use the AR’s sounds as percussion sounds, not melodic sounds, then the AR can generate sounds from all its tracks using one MIDI note for each of its 12 tracks on a single MIDI channel. The MIDI notes section of the manual (pages 11 and 12) says that MIDI note numbers 0 to 11 can be used to trigger the 12 track sounds on any MIDI channel number that is assigned to a track.

A CK pattern in the Cirklon can be set up so that a fixed set of notes can be mapped in the Drum Grid Edit page (see section 10 of the Cirklon manual). Add a row for each AR track sound and label it accordingly.

You will need to make sure that the Cirklon is sending to the correct MIDI Out port and that the AR is receiving MIDI messages.

If you have the AR’s 12 tracks set to respond to MIDI channels 1-12, you can set your CK pattern to send on MIDI channel 1 (or any other number from 1 to 12). Define the MIDI note for the first row in the CK pattern as C0 (MIDI note number 0). Now any notes that you enter on this row should trigger the sound that is assigned to AR’s track 1.

If this is all either way too obvious or completely incomprehensible then let us know and we’ll try to be more specific.

Let us know how it goes.


Bumping this to see if anyone has got any top tips for integrating the cirklon and the RYTM.

At the moment the options seem to be:

12 x P3 tracks sending to each of the RYTM drum tracks - this allows for loading an instrument def on each P3 track and aux row automation of any of the parameters on the RYTM via CC

1 x CK track - much more straightforward visual feedback of drum patterns (piano roll style). Great if you want a simple drum pattern without much variation in parameters etc. but limited to only a single midi channel and therefore limited automation of RYTM CCs on different tracks (workaround could be using Perfs, but that seems a bit clumsy)

Anyone using the cirklon to sequence the RYTM and if so, what is your workflow?