Rytm, MIDI, e-kit light snare hit question


I trigger my Rytm samples via MIDI from my Yamaha electronic DTX kit. I’m real frustrated that I can’t really do light hits on the snare in between full snare hits. I don’t know what to call it, it’s not a roll… I was able to do those type of feel notes/hits via MIDI using a Boss DR-880 and Yamaha synths, but not with my Rytm.

Is it because the Rytm samples are not layered as they are in the Boss & Yamaha?

Any ideas, suggestions, tips?

If I can’t resolve this I will eventually need to sell my Rytm to fund an ATV AD5, 2Box Drumit Three, or Pearl Mimic Pro.

I think it’s called a flam. you should be able to do it by mapping velocity to the filter and/or amp volume of the snare… but the Rytm is a drum machine, not a drum trigger module.


Hey Nagualizer,

Thanks for your thoughts. I’ll give it a shot. The Boss DR-880 is 100% drum machine and did it all easily, but couldn’t compete with the Rytm samples and sounds…


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This is as suggested, tying your velocity to the voice in the Rytm. If you are able to do this on a different drum machine without changing settings on your E-kit, then the issue is learning how to make the Rytm respond to your playing style.
Rytm is going to respond differently than the boss, but the principle is the same as you’ve discovered with other synths or samplers.

The Rytm doesn’t have to be a drum trigger module; you already have one of those on your E-Kit setup properly as evidenced by the response you get with other MIDI gear.

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Hey stonecoldgroove,

“then the issue is learning how to make the Rytm respond to your playing style.”

Exactly, which I hope is possible.

I am just trying to get my Rytm to do a slight drum roll on the snare, but it cuts up after like 3 hits and sounds messed up. I don’t have that issue with my toms.

I have had to do set up changes with both my Yamaha DT XPress and Rytm (selecting MIDI channels, Velocity, Gate time, etc). For the Boss DR-880 drum machine and Yamaha synths all I had to do was set the MIDI channel to10 and all was perfect.

I believe the internal Rytm sounds may possibly have layers, but my Samples do not. That said, I just did a test using internal Rytm drum sounds (Akustix) and had the same snare problem. Went through all of my DT Xpress settings to see why the toms play fine, but a light roll on the snare won’t work.

I also made sure it wasn’t the triggerbpads, cables, etc.

Guess the next step is to go through my Rytm snare settings.

Appreciate the feedback!

I trigger the AR with a Roland SPD-SX and it works perfectly fine. I can even play fast double strokes without any problems. Use the shortest gate length on each drum pad. Otherwise the notes will overlap and erase each other. I hope this helps you.

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I think the term you’re looking for may be ghost notes

I agree, and actually I believe I was trying to detail ghost notes and rolls.


I set the snare to the shortest possible gate, but no success. Baffling, because I don’t have that issue with my toms. You gave me an idea to try a snare on my tom pad, but no luck. I guess it’s good because it tells me the issue is definitely in the Rytm.