Rytm mk2 fault

Hello guys,

I have 2 problems with my analog rytm mkii:

  1. When in mute mode, the pads became buggy, it is the famous pad bug issue. The problem is I bought the item in feb 2018, so it s out of warranty date. What can i do? Send it to elektron at my own cost? Any idea how much would that cost to chage the pads ?

  2. In ableton I created a MIDI track and routed Ext Instrument to get sound from AR. If i am arming the midi track for rec, the drum pattern will act crazy, it jumps from 123bpm to 163bpm back and forth. Midi out from fireface ufx is going to midi in of kenton midi thru box, and then midi in to AR. Any ideas if it s a faulty Rec problem of the AR ?

Thanks in advance!

Have you contacted elektron support?

I did I am waiting for their reply. I haven t mentioned point 2 though, just the pad issue. Will mention that as well after they reply. I thought somebody might have an idea about the Midi track armed in ableton issue.

the MIDI thing might be a cable

in my experience, both USB and MIDI cables can go “bad” fairly easily… as in, it happens - whereas most other types of cables and wires dont experience as many (if any) problems… except maybe optical or other really fragile formats like that

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Perhaps, but to me it sounds like a midi feedback loop. Is ableton receiving midi from AR?


good point, ive had that happen with an elektron device before

Midi out RME -> midi in kenton midi thru box -> midi thru kenton -> midi in AR

AR is set to send and receive midi

Disconnect the midi in to AR - problem still happening or not?


I ve disconnected the Midi cable, i did a empty and factory reset- thats was more for the pads issue.

Now it doesn t jump between bpm, but when i arm the midi track and record, there is blank rec now, no midi notes recorded on the midi channel.

It is weird, all track and sync is routed in ableton, but it does that with moog sub37 for example, i am recording a midi clip, then when i hit play there is no sound

I also disconnected midi completely, and runned only through usb, and still midi notes are recorded on the rytm only when hitting the pads, and sub37 records midi notes but no sound when play after rec.

Edit: solved with sub37, changed midi channel in settings.

But it won’t work for AR