RYTM MK2: Loop that transcends over multiple patterns?

Hi friends. My song is in 64/64 with a bpm of 133.

I was hoping to record a loop using track 12 that would play while I song chained pattern a1 and a2

in “sequential mode.”

The guitar loop I recorded is perfect length for both of them…but the loop

stops as soon as it switches over to pattern A2…and cuts what I hoped to happen, short…

Do I simply need to record the guitar part in 2 separate loops and cut the original loop(loop that stopped playing when MK2 switched to pattern A2 in sequential mode) in half and

load the 1st loop(beginning part) to track 12>A1 and record a second loop(end part of guitar riff)

and assign that to track 12>A2?

Id rather not have to break it up into two separate loops if possible. Since PATTERN A1 AND A2 HAVE THE SAME BPM It should sound fine if the loop on track 12 played along side the transition of both of them as I had hoped for…

i think what you can try is:

set the note length of the trig, that plays the sample to 128 or inf on the A1 pattern. also set the amp envelope to inf on that trig. on pattern A2 do NOT set a trig on track 12, so the sample might play all the way to the end… (started in pattern 1 and then ringing out in pattern 2)

other idea: in pattern A2 on the first trig of track 12 set the loop start point of the sample to 64 (exactly half of the lengtht) may also be 63 then it should trigger again and stop the sample from pattern one, but play again immediately from the middle of the sample…

you could also cut the sample into two parts, but maybe the method above works similar, without cutting it…

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Thank you very much! ; ).

Your first method did not work. Method two worked seamlessly. Thank you!

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