Rytm on IN A4

I would like to pass the Rytm into the A4 filter but I have the sensation that I’m loosing
some bass frequencies…is it possible? How I must to set up the A4 to have the full Rytm sound?

Make sure the filters are set so the first LPF is fully open with zero resonance and do the same with the second. Also be sure you have each oscillator set to L & R with the amp envelope fully cranked to infinity to keep the Rytm audio passing through.


I’ve set everything as you say, but I stil feeling some bass frequencies are lost, as some volume…I’ve done some sounds and songs on the rythm, but when throwing them on the A4 it looses all the magic… …??
I also made a trig on the one of the pattern…
just one question, what about on the fx page ext in settings…may I low up the volume there? strangely, when I’m doing that I have problems with left and right … If it stays as normal( pan full right and full left) my Rytm is on the left only and some fx(like reverb) are on the right…so, that sounds not really as expected…I think I’m doing something wrong, despite it seems not so difficult…and I’m not completely a knob…I hope…

Yeah. Unfortunately using the inputs on the a4 as oscillators sucks the life out of whatever. A little filter overdrive helps buy not much and too much od hurts. So… It’s not you. Or maybe it’s both of us. But running straight through the fx is magic, so there’s that.

Yes,might be that…Thanks,Roy!

I’ve already tried just straight , but It’s not sounding as expected…I’m having problems with the overall Rytm sound, like I said before, something related to panorama,L-R stereo field, or my cables are not right (but not having this problem when connected directly to my mixer…). Will find the way.

What about your resonance settings ?
I read in the manual it has to be around 25 or something to be “neutral”.
On videos with Overbridge I saw filter curves with a kind of low shelve negative eq or high pass curve…
I tried with a Blofeld and it seemed weird too.

Make sure you’re not plugged into headphone and left socket by mistake if you have a weird stereo phase thing going on.

My trick for both stereo AND ballsy sound:

Set track 1 as follows
-osc 1: ext in L, volume 100
-osc 2:ext in L, volume 100
Flt1: frq 127, res 0
Flt2 frq 0, res 0, mode steep HP
Amp env sus AND rel : max

Trig the trk1 by pressing one of the keyboard keys. Let your sound source play its sound to the input.

Then listen closely to the sound output and increase ovr until the sound doesn’t get any louder, and starts to distort very slightly

For more treble: increase flt1 res and turn doen cutoff until you hear the highest souns get slightly louder. Then adjust res to taste.

For more bass: set flt2 to steep hp mode. Turn up res about halfway and slowly turn up cutoff until you hear your bass/kick get louder. Then adjust res to taste.

If all is to taste, copy track sound to trk 2, and set both oscs on trk2 to ext in R.

On amp page pan trk1 full left, trk2 full right

The final touch would be to configure performance macro to adjust both tracks simultanious. My preferred params:
Flt 1 cutoff
Flt² cutoff
Fx sends
Lfo depth
Fx params (fx settings on fx tracks)

The advantage of using macros in this case is if you tweak the filters, you can easily return to their preset positions we tuned in in the procedure above to eq the sounds by fully turning te macro knob to 0

maybe try passing it through the ext input on the fx track?

Yes, I remember now reading something like this before.

I have already checked that :grin:

Will try that later, but I’m looking also to use that in live situation, not sure having always 2 tracks for that…(I thought that one track would be enough) but interesting to use for working on specific sound and rec it. and yes, for sure macros are great to come to departure point.

Thanks guys for pointing different things out…

Like I said, I’ve already tried. There is where the stereo problem appears if i don’t change settings…and volume up,of course…
Not really stereo problem, more like I had basically the Rytm sound on my left and a kind of reverb on my right. Is it possible that the fx on other tracks affects the external input sound without activation?
Finally would do that also to filter the overall Rytm,not just rev/delay fx. That’s why I use the track option. But finding that sound it’s not the same than when passed thought the mixer. Not the same punch. But I must to try the TBN suggestion…


FILTERS 4-POLE LADDER FILTER There is no way to turn the ladder filter completely off, but turning up the cutoff frequency will pass all frequencies through. It should be noted that zero resonance does not give the flattest frequency response – instead it drops some decibels both in the treble and in the bass. The flattest response is reached when resonance is somewhere around 25, which is also the default value.


For one track operation, skip the copying and panning steps, and select L for osc1 and R for osc2. I tend to put te osc levels up to 127 for that. Downside is that you lose the stereoimage of the input, because a synth track is mono in nature, so L and R end up mixed. Panning only pans this combined signal left or right.

For returning to preset filter positions after tweaking you can also use “reload sound”.

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Yes, thats true…I doesn’t thought about mono track, and problems for stereo signal…maybe thats the reason of the resultant sound I listent…sound on the left/fx on the right…could be?

Yes, reload sound…I often forget on this one :sweat_smile:

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