Rytm OS 1.32 speculation

Saw the small print for the new Elektron Transfer program released with Digitrak. It also mention the program works with the Rytm OS 1.32 or higher. I wonder when it will be the released and what new features may be included with the update?


Hopefully Amp Env Retrigger and a few minor documented bug fixes of course … anything else would be a sweet treat


Yes indeed. I hope the surprises are awaiting us all.

A new os? Very good news! Perhaps the noteoffs-becoming-noteons bug with ext padcontrollers has finally been found and eliminated too, would be great.

Well, for one thing - I’m pretty sure we’re due for a load more features in Overbridge. Didn’t we get promised sequencer control etc. from Mac/PC?


To be honest the only feature I have ever really wanted is the librarian!
Pretty sure Elektron will sell a ton more soundpacks when they are easier to load and find!


Hope to see 1.32 soon, the sample transfer app is something I have been waiting for.

Can any DT owners comment on the speed of transfers?


I’m hoping for amp retrig and, most vital to me, Tempo saved with kits. This is possible with Digitakt correct?

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It’s very fast and immediate for what I’ve experienced so far.
Nice app.
Could be cool to have some kind of stereo split mode :wink:


@LyingDalai Thanks LD, would you say the speed of sample transfer was comparable to the OT?

Switch tracks by hitting the pad while not in grid record mode!!! <3 <3 <3



Hard to say : I only uploaded a bunch of them.
But I would say that it’s definitely more in OT USB category than MD UW SDS !

Pressing track + pad is too much work? :slight_smile:


YES! Yes it absolutely is. I know you’re trying to be snide, but yes it’s a speed bump to the flow and I like my flow uninterrupted. Hitting the pad to switch voices seems more intuitive. So intuitive to the fact that sometimes I already expect it to be that way and I end up tweaking the wrong voice.

So, again, yes it absolutely is too much work


You need to work on your vulcan pad select manouver

pressing the track and pad at the same time
I know u can



it is a sound design uber-buzz-kill … you naturally want to tweak the last sound you heard :okej:



^this … because the only logical assumption is that it ought to be that way … it’s so obvious … it’s my number one gripe … it’s not a feature request, it’s a bug :wink:


fwiw I have grown used to the vulcan gesture track select, and actually prefer it to the way MPC does it, ie. slecting the last pad played. This is inconventient to do in a live performance, you always have to think of an appropriate moment to hit the pad… I suppose having both methods available (via a config perhaps?) would be ideal.


Has anyone heard any news about this possible OS update? If they add sample start “fine” and tempo saved to kits…well then stick a fork in me as I’m done (hoping for anything else)! That would cement this machine as the greatest drum machine I’ve ever used. Although MIDI Note out would be amazing too, but I think that was labeled as “never gonna happen.” I can deal with that.

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There’s never any forewarning, it may pass thru a beta phase for a week or two. The only time you are likely to get a forewarning is for an incremental bug fix for something that’s critical … beyond that it’s a case of wait and see … I wouldn’t hold out hope for any of those requests (guessing you meant tempo saved to patterns), not in the short-term anyway … who knows, but whilst they are busy with the DT and OB it doesn’t look like something is likely to come along soon unfortunately … although sample transfer with the new app was hinted to have been already available by now

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