RYTM recieves aftertouch , also if recieve CC/NPRN is set to NO

I had controlled an external synth from Octatrack MIDI sequencer, and the slave was on channel 4. Where the clap on the RYTM is. I did set the RYTM to not receive note messages in midi port config. Also all CC /NRPN are disabled.

I tryed to use the aftertouch controller from a Octatrack midi track, and found that the clap on the RYTM gets more pronounced i.e. he listens still to standard midi messages.

A workaround would be to remove any AT modulation destinations in each track’s sound under Sound -> Sound Settings -> Aftertouch


Thanks, i did search in global /pattern /kit - but not under sound ! That helps.

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I’d imagine the CC/NRPN receive setting only applies to stuff outside of note number/velocity/aftertouch?

Aftertouch is a separate kind of channel-wide MIDI message than either Note or CC’s… so I guess neither of those settings filters it out.

I’m currently struggling to figure out the CC value for sending aftertouch modulations to the Rytm. Would anyone care to aid/ enlighten me? The manual is only showing values on the trig page (ie. note/ velocity/ length, etc)

Aftertouch is not a CC, it is its own unique midi message. You’d need a device capable of sending aftertouch, or a processor to remap a cc to aftertouch… Usually it is sent from a keyboard or pad midi controler according to pressure being applied after the key/pad has been struck, and while it is being held down or sustained. OT has a specific knob for aftertouch on its midi tracks, I use that as a fixed/steady mod depth unrelated to pressure…


Oh ok, duly noted. (not sure why I hadn’t realized that.)

I’m using Max and touchout, but it still doesn’t seem to be working for whatever reason. I couldn’t tell you why as I’ve made sure to enable all track channels on the channels page.

More specifically, I’ve got [touchout x 1] to send AT values to port X and channel 1 (should be the BD track on the Rytm), but I’m still getting nothing.

Is your OUTPUT CH setting on the Rytm set to TRK CH?

Sorry for the delay.

It is. Should it be to Auto?

Nah, it should be TRK CH…are you sure Max is correctly sending the AT? Are you in Max For Live or the real Max? I would test to make sure other synths / software / MIDI monitor can see the AT first, then deal with the Rytm.

Hmm. I only have a Rytm (mk2) and A4 (mk2). To clarify, I’m struggling to send and receive track specific CC data as well, but I do have performance macros sending/ receiving on both machines.

I’m on Max 8.0.2.

EDIT/ RE: Midi Monitor – I’ve tried monitoring the incoming data from the Rytm with it to no avail. I haven’t tried with Max.

To send and receive CC’s you need:

OUTPUT TO: USB or MIDI depending on how you are connected

If MIDI Monitor does not see a CC coming from the RYTM when you change Filter Frequency, for example, then something is wrong.

You also need to assign AfterTouch to Parameters + Amounts under Sound Settings, else nothing will happen

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Alright, so for whatever reason the Rytm’s aftertouch values are only recognized as poly pressure [polyin] in Max, but simply using the same values using [polyout] doesn’t work to apply modulation to the aftertouch meter on the “modulation setup AT” page.

I hooked up an LFO to sweep through values while skimming through all values on channel 1, but still nothing. [touchout] doesn’t work either.

With control all principle, I wanted to use aftertouch for all tracks. So yes, it seems poly aftertouch, hence related to note number, so I can’t use it for all tracks with the same channel, as it would be possible with channel aftertouch.