RYTM Sequences all muted since OS update

Last week I put the newest OS onto my RYTM mk1, all looked ok but the sequences all seem to be muted. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is pilot error rather than a bug but I wondered if anyone else had seen this or if you have any failsafe ways to unmute everything that I might have forgotten about or ways to mute everything that I might have accidentally found by accident?

which version do you mean with newest OS?
beta version or last stable version?
OS 1.46_BETA1
OS 1.45B stable

I am using BETA on my AR mk1 but haven’t found any issues

have you made a backup before you ran the update?

Christian from Elektron seems to have diagnosed it: the project that was in when I updated is mangled. New projects load fine, issue gone. It could just be an edge case but I’m going to load a scratch project when updating in future.

Santhrax, what’s in the BETA?


Call me over protective but I always go:
-create new project
-update os
-empty reset (won’t loose anything, wipes ram and initializes under new OS)
-load project and immediately save under new OS
-reload project

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