Same sounds, different pads = not the same?

B90 SD SURFER.syx (207 Bytes)

So, I noticed something weird when designing sounds for my AR soundpack and need your help in figuring out whether it’s just my machine or in the software.

Loading the same sound on BD1 and SD1 results in slightly different sounds. On the BD1 pad, the parameter in the first row, second slot seems to be off by about two ticks from the sounds loaded on the SD2, RS3, and CP4 pads.

Load the attached sound on BD1, SD2, and RS3.
Do you hear a difference between BD1 and the others? I do.
If you could verify that for me, that would be really helpful!



Check if the trig page is the same on each track maybe? Try to copy paste this page from the first track to the other?

No, I already did that.

This happens on any sound loaded to both BD 1 and SD 2 (and RS 3, CP4). The same sound loaded on the BD pad sounds different on the SD, RS, and CP pads. Again, it’s the second parameter in the first row of the “Synth” page that seems to be slightly off on the BD pad.

Can someone verify this by loading the attached sound to BD1 and SD2?
@Ess : Have you had a chance to do this?



There is a slight difference between voices (as they are slightly different, this is expected)
Could you record your machine so that I can compare?


I suppose, but that doesn’t mean anything; the same sound loaded on BD1 and SD2 (and sometimes RS3) sound different.
What I need is to know whether this disparity occurs on all machines with this specific sound or just mine.

Anyway, here’s the attachment.
BD1, SD2, RS3 all have the same sound loaded; playing in sequence three times.
The first sound is not the one I uploaded, but shows how different the same sound on different pads can sound.
Note: all parameters are exactly the same.

Now, @Ess , is there any chance you could load this sound up and perform a similar test? Are the results similarly out of whack?


You’ll have to hope that @elektronauts can assist in uploading audio into a post, i haven’t seen this work yet in the new forum, may be simpler to host offline for now

It’s important to calibrate in 1.30 as some of the new machines rely on this; this was forced on you at install time, but did you leave the machine idle for 2+ hours to ensure it was properly ready for calibration ?

Audio upload does not seem to work.
You have a support ticket open about this issue if I recall correctly - please send it to us via the ticket.

Here’s the file (also uploaded to my ticket):

(BTW, use “code” or “preformatted” formatting to just paste a copyable link.)

Yes, I waited the two hours (twice!) prior to calibrating.
Would re-flashing the latest OS (after waiting two hours) do anything?

Has anyone loaded the sysex to see if they get similar results?


wow… the difference of sound is remarkable … sounds like the note value must be off between the 2 pads… but I guess you already checked that …

the first sound sounds pretty cool by the way

Yeah, right? It might be the pitch, but in my experimentation, it’s most likely the second parameter in the first row on the “synth” page, no matter the drum-model type.

Lots of cool sound like this, coming to an AR close to you, soon!

If anyone would like to experiment with the first sound in that little demo I uploaded, here it is:
B021 SN THORHAMMER.syx (207 Bytes)

The difference is also quite clear on this one.
Interestingly, this patch sounds similar in pairs: BD/CP and SD/RS.

I can trace the issue (at least for this sound) to the LFO page; specifically, the multiplier. I have to change MULT to .1K on CP and BD to get the same result (MULT = .512) on SD/RS.

Hi @glitched !
I bought your soundpack a while ago and noticed this. Some presets sound different if loaded in SD. In BD RS and CP sounds right, but SD have a little tuning variation (+2) despite being the same settings.
Were you able to understand why? I thought it was a problem of my unit before reading this post.
What can I do? Recalibrate could help?
Thank you.

Well, on my unit it seems that this happens only with the BD FM machine and therefore the problem is not connected to the soundpack :slight_smile:

Does anyone want to do a quick test please?
Load default kit, load a BD FM machine in BD1 track. Set decay to about 3/4 just to ear the tuning and copy/paste track1 sound in SD2 track. Do they sound the same?

Sorry, friend. I can’t remember what the issue was.
I tried to look at my support history on, but it was erased.

You could talk directly to support and reference ticket #13354 “Same Sound Loaded on BD1 and SD2, Sounds Different.”



Thank you very much for the answer. Definitely it does not depend on the soundpack, but it is thanks to it that I discovered this thing! I will try to contact support.

I actually love the fact that the sounds differ when loaded into other slots. Its one more sound design trick in the arsenal, especially with snares.

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I appreciate your optimistic view of things :smile: