Sample + analog = not enough headroom?

Don’t want to criticize just wondering if it is possible that when layering the bass tom with a waveform at the same pitch and playing in the lower range I might end up overdriving the vca (before the actual overdrive) as i get some overtones which I don’t know where they are coming from.

is Master Dist off?
or is Overdrive in the tom track off?

… and what’s the Compressor doing?

Yes everything is turned off / in neutral positions. Just the levels of the sounds are on127 and the sample is in tune with the analog circuit

IIRC someone on this board found out that the volume of the sample layer should not exeed 100 for “linear” results. Cranking the sample layer vol to max will result in nonlinearities. So try lowering your samp layer vol?

Definitely getting a clean sound when lowering the volume