Sample chain help needed

Hi guys and girls,

I recently got the 808/909 sample pack from Elektron’s website and I’m trying to make a sample chain for each category (BD, SD, HH, etc).

I’ve looked up all the information I could find and so far my attempts have not been working out. When I try to create a sliced grid, the slices are always in the wrong place and need manual adjusting. I don’t mind manual adjusting, but it 's getting to the point that I’m going mad.

I’ve been creating the chains like this: Ableton arranger view, all samples equally spaced and not overlapping, export as wav and finally load the chains into the OT.

Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong? And more importantly: has anyone ever made chain’s from the Goldbaby 808-909 samples and are they willing to tell me how they did it?


There are many, many threads about this subject on the forum, including this one:

Thanks, will try this:

Drag and drop 64 single-hit samples into the clip slots within one channel.

With all clips highlighted, go to the clip view section at the bottom of the screen and bring up the Launch settings window.

Setup is as follows:

Launch Mode: Trigger
Quantization: Global
Velocity: 0%
Follow Action: 0, 1, 0
Follow Action A: Next (down arrow)
Follow Action Chance A: 1
Follow Action B: n/a
Follow Action Chance B: n/a

when you select play the first clip the rest should automatically play in sequence within the track, all quantized as 1/16th notes.

Arm the track and hit record and you will end up with a nice quantized sample chain in the arrangement view.

Hit the Stop button once the 64 clips or 16 bars have been recorded

Highlight the 16 bars in the arrangement view and select “loop selection”

Export the Audio (render start and length should have defaulted to your looped selection)

Now throw the WAV file into your octatrack and slice with a 64-step grid."

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