Sample Chains on Digitakt

Just noting that one might exclude longer samples (open hats, cymbals 808s with long decays) and prepare/load them separately otherwise they’ll blow out the total sample length/ram

Yes it’s likely to have been covered over the years.
Keep the numbers simple , make ‘sounds’ to enable you to easily access each slice if needed ( though digitakt hasn’t got that many parameters to deal with )

And … have variants of the same sample chain for easy access to distorted / flange / Eq’d versions / sample rate etc ( needs to be mono ) and then just swap in the sample slot with any variants

Any effect that fits within the typical sample length … so reverbs etc aren’t very suitable unless you pad out the slices of the original chain.

If you have both dt and ot then you can easily have stereo / mono on relevant machines if you setup the chain nicely.

And finally I typically have similar structures to simplify sample chains
Drum kit sounds are similar order and amount
8 x bss drums
8x snares
4x open hats
4 closed hats
4 claps

Etc. removes the need to think
Leave gaps if needed and you can easily add a bass drum within those ‘8’ slots at a later date.
If you have an 808,606,707 chain with same structures you can easily change drum machine and your patterns still work.

Wasn’t sure where to post this but I suppose it’s related to this thread.

Some fun to be had making kick drum chains…

I’m sure this approach could be used for any other sound, too


all of the octatrack threads about sample chains are relevant.
the only thing to check is the amounts of slices / how theyre arranged.