Sample Gets Cut By Next Sample On Track

Hello everyone,

I wonder if it is possible to play multiple samples on a track without cutting them off by the next sample on a track. For example I have a kick and a hi hat on one track and without the hi hat the kick plays it’s full length but when the hi hat starts the kick gets cut off by the hi hat.

Im also think this could be usefull for example to have for playing multiple longer samples on one track. Like for example evolving pads which you randomly trigger in it so the track fills up but the parts dont interfere with each other?

Would that be possible to program? I have set my ADSR to maximum and the samples play like I created them but when Play another sample on same track the sample previously playing stops.

Check out my first bar of beats for an example and hear the cutoff kick in when hi hats start.

Nah that’s how elektrons work man, new trig new sound. If necessary on an octatrack you could make stereo files with the left channel as a kick and the right channel a hat then p-lock the panning but DT is mono so a no go

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The DT tracks are all monophonic, meaning they can only play one sample at a time. If you want to play more sounds that don’t cut each-other off, you will have to use separate tracks. Nice tracks by the way.

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Ok thanks guys, Could make my life a lot easier if it would work. Maybe its an idea to have like a crossfader effect so you could mingle samples with a slow attack and long release so they would like unite and fade in fade out together easily instead of cutting of abruptly… But I would have to put that in feature request thread I suppose.

@JB what I don’t get is that i can pan my samples left and right in Digitakt, so how could that not be doable. I mean if I prepare a sample in my laptop and transfer it to the Digitakt it is stereo right?

Thanks man, just trying out some vibes. not happy with the mix yet. need more bass :slight_smile:

And punching in those drops and sounds need to more on point imho…

it’s mono. all tracks on DT are mono. you can pan a mono signal left or right if it’s going to a stereo bus. DT is 8 voices, one voice per track. That ain’t changing ever!


Aye @Shake what he said ^. I was just letting you know it’s possible in OT should you ever choose to upgrade, A bit hacky and long to do still though, just work within the boxes strengths rather than against. Another sampler may be better suited for what you’re trying to do here

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A standard sampler technique would be to construct the whole beat on multiple tracks, then resample the loop into one sample that you can then slice & dice. Or at least resample multiple sounds, eg kick and hat together, and p-lock that on the appropriate step(s).

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How would you do this on the OT? Interested.

@thoughtstarZ So you’d make a kick track and a snare track, pan one hard left and one hard right and put a trig at the same time in both, sample your main out and you’ve got you’ve got a sample on either side. You then use the spatialiser and p-lock left or right for the mix, hard left will be kick, hard right will be snare, centre will play both at the same time. You could assign left and right to scenes and use the cross fader to play with them too. Pretty sure I read the tip from @Clancy a while ago if I’m right, he might be able to give further details


The transfer app converts the sample to mono by simply removing one of the channels and it also puts the samples to the proper bitrate for the digitakt. Directly sampling a stereo source into the digitakt sums it to mono.
Once a sample makes it to the digitakt it is mono, unfortunately there is no way to change this.

You could write the kick in one track and the hat on another and then resample the pattern to a loop but that may not be the desired outcome you are looking for.

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as mentioned before.
make a sample that has both instruments you want to play on the same step.
use that.

create your beat on multiple tracks , resample it in , use that on 1 channel.

octatrack , rytm , digitakt , millions of mono synths will cut off the sound if another is triggered (unless they dont retrig the amp , but thats getting complicated for this response)

buy a cheap multitimbral / more than single voice sampler and use that (s2000 under £50 , yamaha a3000 about £50 ,

use different tracks focused on the length of the samples on each , restrict how closely the trigs are (1 , 2 , 4 steps for example)

same issue on some drum machines , possibly called choke groups , so you don’t get hi hats and closed hi hats overlapping as a real drum kit wouldnt do it either.


If elektron really wanted to they probably could implement the auto voice allocation to the digitakt but I dont think that is how they think of the machine and don’t really expect that to ever happen. You would still be limited to 8 voices just the ability to have poly on one track if wanted. If you dont want things cut off you could only add in different sounds to tracks that wont end up having conflict or use the reverb/delay send as a way to add a tail to a sound.

Yeah, it’s a shame really. Being able to make one voice polyphonic would definitely make me buy a Digitakt, as it would allow it to be used in a completely different way to the Octatrack.

Yes :thup:

Next trig on a track start still cuts off whatever’s been playing on that track though :meh:

Have messed about with workarounds using delay as well, but only for the fun. of trying to defeat limitations. Too painful if in the middle of making something…