Sample Import just stops

Hi There,

The way of moving samples into this machine is frustrating slow, but it’s now getting worse. I’m moving a batch of 88 samples, and it just stops after 10.

The C6 tool keeps on telling me it’s uploading stuff to the rytm, however on the rythm the I do not see the bar which indicates where the upload is, and no new files appear.

Anyone else had this issue? How to resolve this?


Maybe the delay ticks in c6 should be raised a little bit ? just guessing as i experienced same behavior on other gear if the computer sends too fast, just guessing.

First part of you problem with sample uploads randomly stopping it a known problem. Happens to me now and then.

Second thing with the missing progress bar on the AR sounds strange. First of all you only see that if you navigated to the receiving folder if I’m not mistaken.

Could it be that you set the target folder to some other sample folder on your +Drive? Make sure you have set the “upload to here” to the folder you want your samples to land.


Shoki; I will try to set the delay tick a bit higher, what is the value which you work with.

LarsErik, yes I do select the right target folder to transfer, but after 10 samples it just stops

Is it always the same sample that makes the transfer process to stop? Or is it always the 10th sample in the list?

Here’s what I do to try to make sample transfers as painless as possible:

  1. Restart my AR before starting C6.

  2. Only have the USB midi enabled on the AR.

  3. Avoid having any other applications that access midi channels running on my computer while uploading. (I’m on Windows 8)

  4. Convert the samples to 16bit 48kHz mono. (This removes any faulty sample file problems and makes the data size being transferred most of the time considerably smaller.)

Hi LarsErik,

Vey intrested in that converting, what are you using to batch convert your samples before transferring them over?

Thank you

C6 can convert files to mono :slight_smile:

I use adobe audition.