Sample, project and preset management app

wouldnt it be great if C6 or some other app facilitated the management of all samples, projects and presets? like drag and drop simplicity and naming…? dare to dream… :joy:

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Certainly. Since just about everything is compartmentalized around projects, a full-featured project manager/librarian app would be a welcome addition.

Something that could edit/manage/store all the samps/kits/patterns/sounds/globals as self-contained chunks, instead of having to deal with all the datatypes separately… The C6 can dump, but not edit anything…

I’d actually pay for an app like that, would save heaps of time!

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being able to do all the file management through your computer would be great.

“A full-featured project manager/librarian app”. And a C6 update/upgrade, since OSX Mavericks has complications configuring the midi and usb routing.

yeah, would absolutely pay for an app like this. which begs the question, is an app like this possible?

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I think it’s pretty likely this is the kind of thing Overbridge will help with, once it’s released.

I seem to recall Cenk mentioning preset (and possibly sample) management in one of the promo videos.

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man, really hope so. will make it all a lot less time consuming

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We dont need app!(I Mean ofcourse we do but God why did we pay for hardware) We should be able to do it inside of the machine itself, if its possible that kit and pattern information can be linked and stored together and we can browse each project from machines itself and be able to copy,paste and delete patterns+kits from same place. Kind of new more advanced project manager, like DSI Tempest but elektron style. Maybe same way as we have kit menu now but instead make it for project managment.
Could make new blank project, check on midi pattern copy only, go to old project, copy midi pattern only info into new project then check off midi pattern copy only and check on kit copy only, copy kits from different projects into blank(kit 1 by defualt) midi patterns inside new project, because its new project there should be no problem populating it with samples that come with copied kits.

App for computer that can browse project like folders, can orgonize projects in minutes and manage projects like never before. oh man I still dont understand why elektron didnt really put most of their overbridge effort into making sure its not just some vst translation onto your screen but actual good project manager tool.

Just reminder that this topic is from 2014 but hey