Samples from Volca Drum (download)


I got a “bit” sucked into synthesizers and the newest GAS purchase was a Model: Samples. I have also a Volca Drum but struggled a bit to get more than “interesting” sounds and rythms out of it. However the sounds you can get there are quite interesting and so I sampled a few of them. To be exact 240… I put together 2x 120 sampled into one WAV and so I can use them dialing everyone with Sample Start (length 1).

However one sample fills nearly half the sample space so I am not sure if it is practical.

You can d/l the two wavs here:

Maybe you can use them. If you think the quality is bad or so just tell me and I can try again.

BTW: I used the patch randomizer which is build into the Volca Drum.



Thanks for these! Looking forward to testing them through the RYTM’s filter.

Been tempted by the VD (unfortunate abbreviation) for a while.

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Oh didn’t know all the meaning of VD…


thank you very much, great news and what a timing
a few days ago I sold my volca drum and ordered the: samples instead :smile:

Yea, next I will try to get the more usal samples out of it. However, I am not sure if I can Factory reset it?! Changed some sounds quite a bit.

Unfortunate indeed! :rofl:

Awesome and thanks! Will definitely have a play with these even though I already have a Volca Drum. Sometimes you want more than 6 voices. Sometimes you want to mangle them or do other bad things to them which you can’t do directly on the Volca drum.

The Drum is one of the most underrated devices and IMHO the most powerful Volca you can get as it concerns sound design. Insta-buy if they came out with a proper form factor and endless encoders and such.

*** ****Factory Reset

  1. Press and hold the FUNC and PLAY buttons while turning the unit on.
  2. When the PLAY and REC buttons start flashing, press the PLAY button to perform the factory reset . …
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I like the sounds from the Drum but it lacks sometimes a bit of “natural” drum sounds. I was hoping that oscillator sinks Editor would lead to a big patch library but it does not seem so… (

But back to the M:Samples :slight_smile: lacks a bit the crazyness of the waveguid but other than that… You can record so many crazy sounds “out in the wild” (but right now #stayhome!)…

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Yeah I know what you mean definitely. It just struck me in some kinda way though. Like I have not been as excited about a device since the DT. Just fits the way my brain works I guess. There are some negs though - the f’cking pots stay locked and a change leads to a huge jump and it’s nearly impossible to perfectly replicate a sound after the fact . I had high hopes for the OscillatorSink software too but I tend to twiddle knobs instead of mousing around mostly. Hence my desire for a big brother that can export patches and what not.

Back to model samples - sorry for the slight derail.

I think model Cycles could be nice for us knob twiddlers. Not that I would buy it, owning a Volca and a Samples :slight_smile:

Sweet, thanks! I love the sounds of the Volca Drum and don’t have one, so this is perfect! Do you still have the samples as individual .WAV files (one shots) instead of the long 120 samples? That would let us pick and choose the sounds we wanted. It would also help to organize them as snares, hats, perc, etc. My +Drive is nearly full already, so I definitely don’t want to dedicate half the storage this, but I would love to pick and choose a few to use. No worries if you don’t, I can extract one shots from your longer samples.

Sorry, I recorded them in one take :frowning:

However, they are all the same exact length, I think 2 bars in 120bp or so. Should be easy to cut.

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