Sampling Digitakt with Logic Pro 10.5 Auto Sampler—is this possible?

hey. I’m wondering if anyone has attempted to sample a Digitakt via Auto Sampler in Logic Pro 10.5. I just attempted to do it. the DT was monitoring into Auto Sampler. the auto-sampling process ran, and there were waveforms as it was going, which made me think it was working. but the Sampler patch created by the process didn’t play any sound.

more info:

I was on a basic synth patch from a sample transferred to my DT. again, sound was coming into Logic and Auto Sampler’s audio-signal section. the Logic audio channel corresponded to the DT audio channel and was sending the correct sound. I was running the DT directly into Logic as a USB audio device via the new 1.2 update; Overbridge was not running.

I’m looking for a way to sample synth patches I create using the DT for chromatic play in Logic. because samples edited via the DT and saved as sounds cannot be exported via Transfer, I’m looking for an alternative. I figured the new Auto Sampler would be a great way to do this. it seems like it’s possible given the incoming audio within the plugin. if it is possible, I assume there is some additional mapping necessary or some similar issue. also would make sense that it’s tricky/impossible to get Logic to access a DT sound chromatically even though it’s possible to play it chromatically on the DT.

if anyone has successfully used Auto Sampler with a Digitakt, please let me know how you did it. if any Logic users think this is possible and are interested in trying to make it happen, please let me know how your experience goes. if there’s a way for it to work, I think this could be a very valuable tool for Logic users who use the DT to shape synth/bass/chromatic sounds.


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I know the process you’re trying to do, though I’m not familiar with the specific plug in in logic, I’ve used similar stuff in the past.

Hmm, are you sure logic was picking up the audio as the process was running? Is there some sort of time setting in the logic plug in? Like a gate, so it knows how long to record for? It shouldn’t be tricky to get it to do that, you just need to send the midi on the right midi channel and tell it how long to run for before moving to the next key.

I don’t see any reason why that wouldn’t work.

I’m not 100% it was picking up audio as it ran, but a waveform graphic appeared as each note was sampled, which also showed a db amount. I wasn’t hearing the audio from the notes as they were sampled, though, which means it probs wasn’t actually sampling anything. but I also didn’t get an error message of any kind.

it was picking up audio into the plugin before running the process. it was a short synth sound, so I set the sample time to 3 or 4 seconds per note before each attempt at running it.

do you think it was a DT MIDI settings issue? that would make sense since the audio path into the plugin was working but the auto-sampling part didn’t work. any recommendations for proper MIDI settings b/w Logic and DT?