Sampling hell for beginners. Please help!

Hello All, this is my first thread here. Long time reader, first time caller. I’ve had my Octatrack for a year now and have been having great fun with MIDI and playing around with samples I dump onto her via USB. But sampling directly into the machine has been a mind-numbingly frustrating process. I’m sure I’ll turn a corner but I could really use some help.

Every once in a while, I manage to sample in the manner I intend. Generally though, I am following the manual and an occasional youtube tutorial with zero success. I get my signal levels coming through, green lights popping, and what appear to be accurate Recording Menu settings. I even see the nice little upside down arrow moving from left to right when I press the correct [track]+[A/B] combo. But no sound. Is it me or is this one of the most unintuitive aspects of the Octatrack?

I feel like a bit of a dummy so pls don’t kick my digital ass too hard here. Thanks.

Have you seen Cuckoo’s octatrack tutorials? He’s done a great job on both flex sampling and pickup machines. Beyond that you’ll only need to read up on one shot sampling in the manual and you’ll be covered

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Thanks a lot for responding so quickly 4.33. I have been to Cuckoo’s tutorials and they’re great. Still I’ve only just now figured out a method for recorder trig sampling that works pretty well. There must be a step I’m missing. I’ll review Cuckoo’s tutorials again and see if I can find the missing link. I’m also wondering if there are any other good tutorials out there on this topic. Been looking. Thanks!

No worries man, we’ve all been there. It’s either you are recording but your playback trig isn’t happening, or you aren’t recording and your playback IS happening, or both. For playback (this is from my bad memory) you gotta make sure you are trigging Recorder 1 or whatever Recorder you are recording to. And you have to have a Flex machine loaded to play back Recorder 1 if I am not mistaken.

Anyway I have had the OT since it came out and it always takes me a little fooling around to get all this working. No shame in asking here.

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Thanks Veets. It’s good to know a seasoned user who still needs to pay attention to get this right. I’ve been messing with those options and I have been able to record using recorder trigs (not yet with one-shot recorder trigs but that should be easy at this point). It’s manual sampling that eludes me. So back to Cuckoo and maybe a couple by Tarekith. My goal is to have this licked and having fun by the end of the weekend. We’ll see…