Sampling the effects sends

Can you sample/resample only the outputs from the effects sends? It’s pretty core to my workflow to send kicks through reverb/delay effects chains, then sampling the output to generate rhythmic subbass for techno tracks. octatrack(when I had one) had the ability to use a neighbor track as the sample input and the benefit was 2 fold, 4 effects units to use and could isolate to record the outputs of the neighbor track. Is anything like that possible on DT?

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Yep, DT records the master output I’m pretty sure so you can capture the effects

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Yeah, I know I can capture the master, but the problem there is I’d be recording the kick AND the effects. I’m trying to see if I can sample just the effects so I can have separate tracks for kick/sub bass.

Also bear in mind that anything resampled is in mono so you lose the stereo fx :frowning:

Thanks for the heads up, I’m aware and am fine with losing stereo effects, the rhythmic rumble is the important part.
If I can’t isolate the effects sends to sample, the answer might be to get another OT!

I don’t think you can , unless the drum effect is after the actual sound ( like a delay of reverb etc )
You’d need to then trim it.

I’ve recently been using my octatrack , very nice to have stereo though I prefer digitakt ping pong delay.

That sounds pretty interesting. Could you please elaborate how exactly you resample FX only on the Octa? I just use it as a mixer and sequencer for my other synths and I haven’t use it otherwise yet.

Basically you just use the insert effects on 100% wet on the kick, use as many neighbor tracks as you need to get the desired sub rhythm, sample 1 bar of that super effected kick, then remove all the effects and neighbor tracks, assign the recorded sample to a new track and layer with the original kick drum.