Satellite setup: one device

I’ve been tempted to set up a single device in my work area for downtime playing, away from my main Digitone setup with keyboard etc.

Have seen people with multiple setups around their living space (e.g. Hainbach), this would be a minor version of that.

I’m tending towards a drum machine that is almost a groovebox, to make quick but complete pieces.

(Maybe this is just an elaborate self-deception to buy a Machinedrum…)

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I’m in the same boat and chose

(soon to be delivered)
that I might pair with just one FX box
(Space, TimeFactor or Microcosm)


A second Digitone?


Maybe it’s time to get my Nanoloop FM :’)


Some sad types have a TV in every room. But not Elektronauts. One synth per room, minimum I say. And why not a waterproof modular for the patio? If you happen to be trimming the hedge and get a patch idea, it’s right there for you.


Yep. Bitwig on an iMac with a semi-weighted piano style keyboard on my desk. Bitwig on a MacBook Air with the internal keyboard while in bed :ok_hand:

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They really should offer you a sponsorship contract, only thing you would have to change is cap colour to orange now with bitwig logo, ski champ style. Bitwig 2 was yellow


…don’t u dare to bully craig… :wink:
…he’s totally right…

we just can’t say too LOUD how great all the wigs for all the bits really are in fact…at least HERE…

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I really didn’t take it that way but thanks anyway :yellow_heart:


Back on topic tho…

If you buy an MD, you’ll want it with you everywhere you go. Maybe get two :grinning:

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…apart from laptop studios…

…and apart from futher swedish obvios…

…i can only repeat myself…the most stand alone hardware fun of all times i always had…
again and again…was, with a damned mpc…no matter which one…

more all in one fun…from spontanious session fingerdrumming, creating sound with whatever and get it all sorted out sonically to proper results in one go on one single hardware thing…
nowhere else to find…

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I’ve been sitting an 0-coast on the desk while I’m working recently.
Patch up something generative and just let it play while I type, relaxing…


Certainly sounds like it cos I totally recognise that as my own line of thought: If I buy more gear, BUT put it in a different ROOM, I’ll actually be more productive. I’ll have to say: DO NOT listen to my advice on gear-related issues. My main setup is in a garage (of sort), 10 metres from my front door. Still, when I was trying to learn the Octatrack, I convinced myself it’d be a good idea to get ANOTHER OT separate from my main setup, inside the house for shorter evening sessions. (Still got two OTs, still learning it but I did spend a lot more time with the OT this way, so it kinda paid off.)

I mean, more gear is the endgame here, right? :upside_down_face:

And since it’s for a Machinedrum, I’m all for it!

On the other hand, would there be something in your main setup that you could separate from it for now?

For myself, I do love having a decent amount of gear BUT I do realise I’m often more productive with just one piece at a time. So I’m questioning the idea of having a bigger setup set up as one big organism in the first place… Then again, I rarely FINISH a piece with just one instrument.

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I couldn‘t decide yet if or what to bring to my work cabin, also its more crowded this year. so there is also still only the beloved old hp laptop with bitwig with strange keyboard button combos to at least start, stop the clips.
But i should anyway do more experimental stuff, instead of watching tutorials all the time…
Or learn renoise.
Btw i saw your picture with u he repro . On my macbook i have massive lags with repro, they go away when repro size is 100% or closed. Not ideal but…
On topic: last year i had only iphone with pure acid or nanoloop there. For some minutes its very ok. This year iphone with drambo and free minimoog. Sound is massive, but almost no clue about drambo.
Also i listened lately to old er-1 to tape recodings. The moments i dindn‘t f up it sounded massive nice and distorted.

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Charging my GBA Micro overnight with Nanoloop in it…


Yeah, RePro is a massive CPU hog and so are my latest Grid creations. I’m going to get an M1 Mac of some kind soon. That should solve it :slight_smile:

Back on topic again: I agree with the suggestion above about taking one piece of gear from your desk away with you and focusing on that so it can be integrated again later on.

I did a Live set in a park last Saturday with a bunch of Synth heads with my Original MD and some of them were lurking at it even if they brought a great Modular setup. It was a very nice organization, all cool people, had a great time. Just to say. :innocent:


I’ve said it so much already, but Nanoloop 2 is by far the most productive platform I’ve used. One of the best interface designs ever imo.

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I really like my modded Digitakt with builtin battery for this kind of stuff. Portable and powerful with many hours worth of battery life. It is also a nice break to make some music at the kitchen table or in the garden. For me the size, functions and limitations make the Digitakt the perfect one box setup. I do cheat from time to time by sampling stuff from my iPad though. Can’t stay away from the Model 15 app :quirky:

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