Saving issues

hello guys

I´m a bit confused here

I´m exploring the 909 divine pack

so, my problem is that everytime I do changes between patterns, for example copy track pages between patterns and changing samples… everytime I save the project when I reload it the changes are not there…

I just do some changes, then I save project, then reload project, changes are gone

what I´m doing wrong here??

please help

It’s discussed a lot on here already if you want details but saving a project will not save unsaved kits

Don’t assume it means save everything, kits have to be explicitly saved

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all right thanks!

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It is kits :). I would just make a habit of when you have changed sounds and want to keep them to run save kit right then and there. My personal workflow creates a kit per pattern as well. Having one kit drive multiple patterns can possibly cause lost work as well.

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thanks relapse808 that´s a nice tip