Saving the project save the parts?

Basic question, but not sure about it.
Saving the project saves the patterns’s parts too ?

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Yeah, Parts are saved with the project.

BUT apparently only the active part is retained at power down (?)

So always save all parts or the entire project prior to powering down:

FUNCTION + PART then FUNCTION + BANK gives you the parts saving menu.

p60 of the manual for more details…



Just to confirm: So if I save the project and then I power down, all the parts are retained, right?

All saved Parts are retained in the Project when you power down, but if you have made changes to a Part and not saved them thenI believe that they will not be saved with the Project.

Conclusion: if you make changes that you like to parameters in a Part, save the Part.

Conclusion : save.
Save, save, save, save.

As soon as you got something that sounds cool, and that you want to keep, guess what ? SAVE IT !!!


Sorry, but still unclear to me. So, if i save the project and power down there is no need for me to save the parts i changed, right?
(Sorry to keep asking, but the octatrack behaves in a different way than rytm on this matter)

No, I would say that if you have made changes to Parts and you like the changes, save the Parts.

Also save the Project before powering down.

If in doubt, make a new Project just for experimentation and try it out.

I was almost sure I had made a point…

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I understand what you mean by save, save, save to be sure that everything is saved.
And I truly thank you guys for taking the time to reply.
But I really see no point in saving, saving, saving if I can only make it once.

For example: In ableton live when you save a project, all the clips are saved with it. So I wouldn´t suggest you to save every single clip and then save the project just to be in the safe area.

I would love not to do redundant work, thats why i´m asking if saving the project saves all the parts with it, or if i MUST save, save, save.

If anyone knows how it works, it would be great to know.
Thanks again!

If you don’t believe what we’re saying, why not just try it for yourself in a fresh project and see what happens?

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Peter, maybe the problem is that english is not my main language, but what i understood of what you wrote was that: It´s safer to save the parts before saving the project. So what you meant was that I MUST save them or they can be lost?

Yes. But don’t believe everything you read by some guy on a forum! Try it yourself and see what happens.

Perfect. Thanks !


If you are using only one project (this is my case), then you don’t have to save the parts. I will be saved with the project. Or at least, it will stay. I’ve been using my octatrack for a long time, never lost anything.

Asked Elektron support i asked: If i save project do all the parts save as well or do i need to save the parts seperatly?

they said:

You need to save the parts, always.
Simon M


Surely true if you use several Parts, but I think you don’t have to save Parts if you use only one Part. It should be saved with the Bank when you save the Project.
Maybe I’m wrong, but I have no Project saving problems when I use only one Part, wich I don’t save.
Tests needed! :wink:

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OK I tested and this is what I worked out:

When you power down - your parts (all of them) will be as you left them.

When you change to another project and change back again - your parts will be as you left them.

When you start actively saving projects and parts things get a little more complicated.

If you actively SAVE your project you then have TWO states in stored in OT memory:
1- The SAVED project. (Which is like a snapshot of how your project was when you saved it, including parts)
2- The CURRENT state of your project, which includes any changes made after the save.

If you then also actively SAVE YOUR PARTS you will have THREE states stored in OT memory:
1- The SAVED PROJECT, including the parts
2- The SAVED PARTS, which can be different to the parts saved with the project
3- The CURRENT STATE of the project, including any changes to the parts since the last save

Any time you actively RELOAD using PROJECT > RELOAD or PART > RELOAD (which is different to just turning power on, or changing projects) you will OVERWRITE the CURRENT STATE of your project or part with the saved version.

Counterintuitively, saving parts actually makes your parts both safer AND more vulnerable. This is because the key combination (FUNCTION + CUE) to RELOAD a previously saved part, and overwrite your current part settings, is very easy to make by accident. This can’t happen if you have never saved the part (You just see “SAVE PART FIRST!” message and your part stays intact).

Merlin’s guide details a nice ‘back to base’ creative use for this quick parts reload function, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, just that it can be more or less useful depending on how you use the OT. Reloading a project, on the other hand, requires a menu dive. I find it useful as a snapshot backup, but of course I still get into saving parts because it’s good to have them recallable independently from the project.

Another backup method, which is easier to keep track of, is saving renamed versions of your project as you go.

But in answer to your original question - YES, saving a project saves the parts.

There are still loads of ways to mess up (!) but YES, saving a project saves the parts.


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