Saving track/midi setting on Octatrack

Hi, couldn’t find this addressed in the search, maybe because it’s not possible, but I’m wondering if there’s any way I can save a midi track’s settings the way you can save track and midi machines/kits in the Monomachine and Machinedrum. Now I’m using an OT and Rytm and with the OT I have to set up my tracks from scratch every time, or dig around for a pattern I had set up the way I wanted and copy/paste (doesn’t work when switching projects). Having midi templates was especially helpful. Is there any way to save this stuff or is it simply find the part, copy/paste, and no way to paste to a new project, deal with it? Thanks.

Imho the midi tracks are being stored within the parts per bank per project
So new part - new midi track setup up
Global midi settings (transport, sync, channel, etc) are being stored within project settings

Just keep in mind that midi tracks are more or less the same like audio tracks --> parts

Copy/paste of the midi tracks should work - copying over projects check out octaedit


You can make a project template with your settings, copy parts.

It is possible to copy parts between projects.


Looking into this, thank you

Following on from @santhrax and @sezare56

Midi Machines (aka Midi Track settings) are stored per Part. So one approach is to have a template for example; then copy/paste as required.

OctaEdit has a Library in it; which allows you to have Entries. Entries can be at essentially any level, Bank, Part, Midi Machines, Midi Machine, Note, Arp etc. Any other questions you want about OctaEdit, feel free to ping me a pm.

Personally I use OctaEdit (no surprise there); and just have library entries for everything I want / need. Normally I use six midi machines for Virus TI; spread across six midi channels; one midi channel for Analog Rytm; and the last for secret squirrel business.

Disclaimer: I’m the developer of OctaEdit.


I very recently tried to organize my files on the octatrack using the usb disk mode but completely did this without understanding how midi is stored on my octatrack. I think I deleted a few sets or something and now all my projects are gone. Any chance OctaEdit can help me recover these projects and all this midi?

If you’ve deleted / overwritten everything and have no backups… do you have those?

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I have backed what I think is where I had a file called PRESET which is where I thought I saved all my projects. I realized I had it on my desktop so I loaded back unto the OT but PRESET isn’t showing. I’m not sure what happened.
I’m also seeing the File Manager and all my projects are there, and there are files for the arrangments, banks etc.

I think there were three sets on my OT when I started messing with the drive but I didn’t save the other two. Its strange but all the projects are in that PRESET folder on my desktop so I’m assuming it should appear again on the OT.

What is your active set?
Can you select PRESET set, and open projects?

I guess you mean a folder…

crisis averted. I moved all those projects into the one set that was showing up on the octatrack and I can get into those projects and midi is there.