Scale Mapping Midi Controller

I have an Electribe 2 which I don’t use too much, but one feature I use the most is the scale mapping.

Basically you can use this to map different scales to the 16 pads of the Electribe - such as a major scale or blues scale, each pad will play a not in that scale, rather than simply scaling in chromatic order.

I really like this feature for breaking out of creative ruts as I often find myself sticking to similar melodic patterns on the Digitakt’s chromatic keyboard.

Are there any other pieces of equipment that provide a similar functionality to this (the beatstep pro seems to be similar), perhaps in a more compact form factor?


IIRC Launchpad Pro MK3 and SL MK3 have scale mode (not sure about other models), NI Komplete Control S also have scale mode.

Ableton Push
Korg Nanokey Studio

There’s also the Artificial Noise Key Control

If you route any midi controller through your DAW with a scale plugin, you could have similar functionality. No fancy lights or smt like that and added latency ofc.

there also is the novation circuit, which is brilliant for noodeling on the pads… it gives you 4 octaves of a scale at once…

Launchpad Pro mk1 also does it btw… In fact I think standard Launchpad does

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