Scrolling while jamming?

yo, so elektronauts is pretty much my whole social media use outside of work, so pretty much the entire time im on my phone, if im not on youtube, im on here.
but i just discovered scrolling 'nauts on my computer while im just casually jamming, its a whole new level.
anybody else ever do this?

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You’ll get eventually over it. :wink:


Haha yeah, sometimes I find myself doing it too. I tell myself it‘s because I need to check if the current state of the jam „sits right“, but really it‘s just because of that weird phone addict habit. I never really do any substantial reading though.

I‘m glad I don‘t have a computer with internet integrated in my music setup :sweat_smile:

Yep, it’s worrying but I have found myself doing exactly that - scrolling both here and on instagram whilst jamming. I do it when watching tv, cooking, on work calls, etc as well. All activities that could take 100% of my attention but instead I get distracted by scrolling. My partner is even worse. It’s why I enjoy playing my guitar actually as it requires 2 hands and makes this harder!!

Phones really are just becoming an extension of a lot of peoples arms it feels like. They certainly do many, many great and amazing things, but I do wonder about what the eventual cost will be.

Without exception I turn my computer off and put phones away when making music.

It’s nice to turn off the scrollbrain :brain: but also good for the imagination I think.

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Plenty of time for phoneface during the unexciting parts of the day. Music time is for music.

Yeah…now I’m doing a 21 day habit reboot :grinning: Science says the trick to get rid of that habbit is to introduce another good habit that you perform everytime that “bad” habit gets triggered. So e.g. drink a glass of water everytime your brain wants to scroll Elektronauts. Big brain time for rewiring!


Then you have a new habit… frequent urination.


Then just introduce a new good habit - like drinking a glass of water after having urinated. Ez.

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Nothing new. A lot of people do it. You see a lot of TVs, video game consoles and what not in music studios. Plus, friends and people.

People make music with all kinds of distractions. It’s all good.