Seeking Octatrack tutor in Portland, OR

I live in SE Portland.
The manual is a tedious read but I’m slowly getting through it. I need some one who knows the machine inside out to get me going.
Make some $$$ and teach me to use this.

Is there anything specific you are trying to do? I’m local, but I have zero time to spare these days.

My advice-

First read Merlin’s OT overview (just search, you will find it).


1-Load up some samples. Play around with parameter § locks. Don’t worry about changing patterns at first, just try to get the hang of working with the buttons and encoders. Print out a copy of the button combinations (function+ x, etc.) and keep it handy.

With even a tiny bit of know how, you can keep yourself happily busy getting to know the OT.

2-Watch ALL the tutorial videos. OVER and OVER. It won’t mean anything to you the first time. Watch, fiddle, watch again.

3-Don’t get discouraged. It’s a really deep machine. You will lose hours of work by doing the wrong thing. Get over it. Just keep learning and practicing.

4-Trust your ears over parameter values. If it sounds good it IS good.

Good luck, and post your results when you make something you like. Honestly, I made some of my favorite stuff before I knew what the hell I was doing.

get ahold of joseph from control voltage

I thought it was Jason at CV? Have I been calling him by the wrong name this whole time LOL?!

jason is the manager/proprietor of the shop but he has help there. Joseph is the elektron guy in portland. he knows all the machines really well and he does do lessons some times. he’s super nice guy.

he also works for 4ms making eurorack modules which is next door to the muff wiggler shop where i work which is how i know him.

i think he works friday/sat or fri-sun at control voltage. i don’t know his hours but he’s there weekends i think.

Got it. I’m so glad we have both Control Voltage and Muff Wiggler. An embarrassment of riches for us PDX sound nerds. Keep it up! Now if we could only get Switched On in Austin to open a satellite store here…