Sell MDUW+ and buy Rytm or OT instead?

Just considering to change my existing setup (MD and A4).
Selling MDUW+ and buying Rytm or OT instead to team A4?
Other combination could be to sell my A4 and get an OT for it?

I make Hard Techno and can only afford two machines so looking for best match.

What would you do?

Hard Techno? Buy the Rytm, its perfect for this!

So many (great) options!

To answer you properly, tell me this;

Do you need Overbridge or do you have lots of I/O on your audio interface?

What other equipment do you have? TR909, TR8, TB303? Anything else?

Do you have any modular bits? (As OT is a great tool to use if so)


How much sampling do you do? how much sequencing via midi external synths do you do?

Knew i’d missed some questions :slight_smile:

More you can tell us about your workflow and existing equipment, DeniseK, the more this fine community can help :slight_smile:

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The MD is worthwhile to keep from a sampling and midi sequencing perspective.
Rytm plays samples, and does this well, but does not sample audio in. Nor does Rytm midi sequence external gear. It does however provide more depth of sound which is analog based which is very appealing for hard, dark techno.
OT does do both, but then you may lose dedicate drum machine capabilities if you swap out MD for OT. OT can sample analog sounds but may not quite get you there in terms of drum sounds that Rytm will. That opinion is very subjective however as it is based on what sounds you prefer in your music.
There is no one true correct answer as to which machines are better than others. Its what your requirements are, and how the machines best fit those requirements which is important.
You have used the MD, what is it about the machine that you are not entirely happy with?

thx for the input.
I will stay with the MD and my A4.
I like the possibilities to MIDI sequence volca Bass and my coming Minitaur.
My A4 is just sequencing the Moog Werkstatt fine.
More over the possibilities of the MD to create any sound are great.

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