Send program changes when loading project

I have Digitakt controlling some soft synths in Ableton Live. I have the DT sending program change messages to change the preset on each synth. When I load a project my program change values I have set up on my midi tracks do not send out to Live. I have to switch patterns and back again for it to change.
Is this normal functionality?

probably. petition Elektron to have DT send out PC values when loading a project.

Most gear sends out the message when you hit play, before any notes are sent. Have you tested that?

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Guess I should have been more descriptive. When I hit play the preset stays the same. I have to switch patterns for it to register

I will test this for you today with my hardware synths and see if I have the same problem.

I just tested this for you with my hardware synths. The DT changes the patches without needing to change patterns. It actually sends the Program Change Message just before the first trig and not at the beginning of the pattern which works fine. So I think this must be an issue with your software.

Thanks man. Good to know. I’ll do some further testing.

I don’t have a DT but you could try saving a separate kit for each pattern that contains a program change.

I’d like to hear some more on this.

I have Rob Papen Blue 2 setup in Ableton. My DT can send midi prog and bank change whilst I’m playing or recording a pattern. But when I stop and then hit play the VST defaults back to patch number one of that bank!

It would seem as if the midi prog change works until you stop and then restart the pattern. As though it doesn’t send the prog change when you hit play.

Strange as this contradicts what you have just said.

Ableton Live does not respond well to midi if the play head is stopped.
That might be the issue.

Thanks for the reply.

Who knew midi would still be such a bastard after all these years eh? :slight_smile:

Midi seems pretty solid to me, it’s that pesky Ableton Live.

You maybe right.

Ok so some basic elimination. Switched to another vst Phoscyon and it is behaving properly.

So issue looks to be with Rob Papen’s Blue.