Sending beat clock from DT freezes virus b interface

but not the synth part? this bums me out maaan. was just getting into my virus. now i cant keep the virus internal clock in time with the DT for longer than 5 to 10 minutes, and then the interface freezes. i try without sending beat clock and it doesnt freeze. just thought someone would be interested.

otherwise wishing to incorporate the sequencer more! amazing design! needs a bug fix or 2 and maybe a few more things

The same setup works for me. Check your settings. :stuck_out_tongue:

any in particular? you mean the clock receive setting on the virus b? done that. it doesnt crash now. any others you can think of?

Check the midi sync settings on the DT. Maybe it’s sending transport or nprn and makes the virus crazy. Are you sending cc values?

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Might want to check encoder, trig key, and mute destination and set them to int, so they don’t send out midi…
Activate again if you find a use for them…

I’d also check to be sure you don’t have any midi loops happening…

I’m watching this with interest given that I just ran into a very bizarre clock problem with my Virus TI and OT. In my case, when I send clock out from the OT, the Virus receives it as some sort of CC message that modifies parameters of the patch. Super strange. I’m thinking I might try to open a ticket with Elektron support.

If I were you I’d try to send clock and transport to your mv 8000 or any other midi device you may have to see if it works…
It seems to me it’s probably a virus issue and not the OT, but maybe not.
If the mv works it’s the virus’s fault.


With the MV-8000 as master, sequencing my Virus TI and the OT slaved, everything is rock solid. No sync drift, latency or unwanted patch edits in the 30+ minutes I’ve been running, even with pattern, patch and tempo changes. Exactly as shit should work. I’ll open a ticket after this project is finished in November, I just have way too much to do right now. The Virus in stand alone mode is a solid piece, by the way. The latency complaints you read about are almost universally experienced under the USB host which is out of the picture in my scenario. This box has been out for 14 years and is pretty well prevalent so I’m not sure I’d assume the issue is with the Virus flipping bits and mangling midi input. Surely the masses would have raged about this by now? Thankfully, one doesn’t seem to lose any performance features of the OT when it is slaved. :heart_eyes:

Hopefully Elektron have a debug program I can run for them. It would be interesting to see what something like Wireshark would capture.

Could it be that you have both midi in and out cables connected between the two units and there are instructions ending up infinitely looped?

If you have both, just try one.

I had a similar thing happen with my DT when it was connected to a roland jd, permanent parameter changes were made to patches in the roland. It was suggested there was a midi loop but no idea how as I wasnt sending any commands, just clock, ruined a couple of unique patterns so I have been stand alone since.