Sending PC to Digitakt

As the title states
I own OT, DT, and a minilogue XD
Not expecting folks to help me figure out how to get the synth to communicate the way I want with the elektron gear.

I figure I’ll tackle that one later on down the road.

What’s more important for my needs ATM is getting the DT to change patterns when I change them in the OT.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Have you set the DT to receive PC in the MIDI Sync section and the OT correspondingly to send PC? If you’re struggling with something specific a little more details would be helpful.

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Yes they are both set to send (OT) and receive (DT) and both on channel 16.

When I change patter say from A01 on the OT while it’s playing… the OT changes after the measure is up.
nothing happens on the DT no matter how long I sit and wait.
But strange thing is when I STOP the sequence on the OT which also stops the DT as its receiving clock from the OT… and hit PLAY again on the OT…
The DT changes to the pattern I set it to change to on the OT.
Would be kind of counter productive to have to stop my sequence on the OT whenever I wanted to “fluidly” change patterns on the DT along side it right?
Hence why I’m here looking for a saluting.

You need to pay attention to the settings for your patterns on the DT, in particular the CH.LEN parameter in the SCALE MENU (PER TRACK mode) because this dictates when a queued pattern change will occur.


Ok I will check them again.
Not clear on how exactly that would effect when patterns change but I will tweak the settings and just see if anything changes with each adjustment … looking forward to a potentially grueling and time consuming process of ilimination I guess.
Thanks for the suggestion.

To save yourself a whole world of frustration, you should start by matching the Pattern Length settings exactly on both machines (particularly in the ‘Master’ settings if you’re using the advanced side…) to get into the flow of seeing it happen, then you can start to manipulate the settings from there.

I’ve been doing something similar with my Analog Rytm and Four… I let the AR be the master clock/transport and effectively treat them as one big unit via PC’s.

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With midi.

Thanks for the advice yeah that does seem to make more sense.
I’m new to elektron devices and frankly to MIDI in general to be honest.
I find MIDI itself pretty straight forward in my opinion it’s just getting these two to speak exactly the way I want was just causing me a little bit of misunderstanding.
Again appreciate your help though I will give it a go again when I ha e the opportunity to sit down at my rig later today and see what progress I manage.

Different Scale settings on each machine will definitely mess up the pattern change when the master length isn’t set properly. I tried it before as well (I‘m also using a DN along with DT & OT) and when the master lenght isn’t set accordingly you‘ll get what you described before with patterns changing only after stopping and restarting the sequencer.

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