Sequencer not running

Hello everybody!

This is a super weird matter …

Sequencer is not running on a particular project (so, I guess is not some hardware issue)… I mean, I can’t hear anything coming out from the headphones while sequencer is running, and volumes are ok… as I hit the pads I can hear the different tracks …
I have no clue of what is going on … I closed the AR MkII two days ago while was working fine … please help! _/_



Ops … everything was in mute :grin:


Done the exact same thing on the DN too. Wracking my brain for ages trying to work it out.

Just wait til you start dabbling in pattern mutes too :weary:

eheh thanks for the warning @tomfs!
well, it is a little strange to me that, even muting a track, you can hear it through the pads … but we all know that Elektron is a bit “strange” … :smirk:

Thing to remember is it’s just muting the sequencer side, rather than the part itself. I thought the same thing initially too though.

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