Sequencer trig vs note pattern length

Hi all,

Quick question: is it possible for example to have

  • 16 steps
  • gate on 1 and 3
  • different notes on each step.

So it is basically mono sequencer in ableton… in upper part you can alter notes velocity per step, lower part you can set number of gates and if on or off

Any suggestions?

If I understood correctly, you can achieve this by using “trigless trigs” to change the pitch of the steps that don’t have gates.

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Not entirely but is is a good one. Especially the retriggering of envelopes is a good oneZ

What I’m looking for is:
I have a pattern 8 steps
Only step 1, 6,7 are activated.
I do have 5 sounds prepared.
Which means that every step will likely sound differently. Because the 5 sounds are also looping etc

Take a look at monoseq in Ableton. Does the same trick

Midi or audio track? I guess we are talking audio tracks, because you mention retriggering envelopes?

I´m familiar with Monoseq, but not quite sure I get what you´re going for here. You say you have an 8 step pattern, 3 trigs, but 5 sounds prepared? Are you using sample locks?

I don’t quite understand what you’re aiming for.
What do you mean by “the five sounds looping”?

In this case Audio.
With sounds I mean samples .
The whole idea is simple.
Above in the image there are notes running for 16 steps. But the gates are closed on 2,4,6 position. That will loop as well. But twice as fast.
IS that possible?

Yes, with Trigless Trigs or Trigless Locks, as mentioned in post 2.

Basically :

  • Trigs trigger the sample, envelopes, lfos

  • Trigless Trigs trigger envelopes, lfos

  • Trigless Locks only change parameters

All trig types can change parameters with parameter locks. There are additional options.

Different samples can be assigned to Trigs, with Sample Locks.