Sequencing multiple synths

Can anybody tell me what I need in order to simultaneously sequence 4 synths on the seperate midi tracks ? Do I need a midi hub or something ?

Not if your MIDI devices have MIDI thru.


Alright thanks man, so it’s like a daisy chain thing. And that can still carry seperate midi messages to each synth ?

I use a Midi solutions Quadra thru to sequence 3 external synths. It’s small, inexpensive and the Digitakt powers it. Highly recommended!


Yes, if you ensure that the Digitakt sends messages on separate MIDI channels and the synths are set up to receive on the corresponding MIDI channels.


I’ll shamelessly plug this video as long as this question keeps coming up. :smile_cat:


I have a DT that I want to use to sequence 2 synths. But I also have an Arturia KeyStep that I would like to be able to use ad hoc to play live on those 2 synths.

Would it work if I connected DT MIDI out to the synths using the Quadra thru? And then plugged the KeyStep into the DT MIDI thru?

My goal is that I don’t want to have to unplug stuff and fiddle with the cords all the time. :-\

you would be able to do it without the extra box.

Set Synth1’s Global to be off. Set it to receive on Channel 1.

Set Synth2’s Global to be off. Set it to receive on Channel 2.

Keystep -> DT Midi In

Set Keystep to transmit on Channel 1 to play Synth 1
Set Keystep to transmit on Channel 2 to play Synth 2

DT Midi Thru - Synth 1 Midi In

Synth 1 Midi Thru to Synth 2 Midi In

to ensure the DT is not being played by the Keystep, set Global to off (if there is that setting) and set the Midi channel receive to start on Midi Channel 3 or higher.


Thank you, I’ll try this tonight and post results.
My 2 synths don’t have MIDI thru so I think I’ll still need to quadra. I have a Volca FM and 0-Coast

hmm true … well, you could just use a midi y cable to gain two outputs from the DT Midi Out, fairly inexpensive option about $7, obviates the need for the synths to have midi thru.

but this scenario doesn’t allow for the Keystep to play the synths realtime while the DT is sequencing them lol.

patches and workarounds, devices and leads :smiley:

I would suggest:

1.Keyboard set on ch10 (for example)
2.The same channel need to be set as auto autochannel in DT
3.Set your synthts to send/recieve on different channels (eg 1,2)
4.Set the same channel on midi track on DT

Keyboard should play samples, synths on dedicated channels on DT regardles on active track.


Why skimp on a simple MIDI Thru box if you’re spending thousands on synths? Under a £100 and saves a lot of hassle, and means you don’t have to have all your synths powered on in order to sequence the last one.