Seriously: Do you think Sysex Dump will come to the Digitakt?

I ask myself this question a lot. It would make sense. Its great fun to mangle the Samples on the Digitakt and it has a Project Structure too. I have tons of ideas for Soundsets with this thing - but without Sysex Dumps of Projects/Patterns … all of this is obviously not possible!

What do you think? Will Elektron add this feature in the future?


100%. Really, i have no idea why it isn’t implemented yet. For such a sophisticated maschine it is essential.

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They have to. There must be a way to backup the whole machine and restore that backup to a brand new machine, cloning the first one. This is needed just in case your DT dies and you need get a new one for a gig or whatever.

Can this not be done via usb/ob? If not now then in an update (in theory?). Would love to see this on AK too… Is there a tech issue that prevents it and leaves sysex/midi as only option?

It will eventually have to have sysex dump (and the ability to save pattern chains), otherwise the Digitakt is just a very expensive toy.

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Is there a tech reason that it can’t be done usb/ob? I’d like this on AK. Like a ‘entire backup’ function. Maybe sysex is just as good/convenient tho haven’t really checked it out. Just seems dated. Need to do this on my AK when I get round to sending it in for screen replacement…

If a sysex dump includes everything I wouldn’t mind. But I think it’s not possible to dump stuff from the +Drive. So you then can restore your patterns but not your sounds and samples on the +Drive. Only the samples that are attached to patterns might be included in the dump, not sure of that either.

I’ll hook it up to my laptop later and see what C6 can do at the moment.

Can’t do anything with C6 cuz there’s nothing in the midi menu to intimate a transfer.

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yep, thats what i first checked after the DT arrived on June, 2nd. Because in my older Digitakt Video from March i asked myself the question: Will it be able to send Samples via MIDI SDS?! I havent found the Sysex-Section, ignored it for a while, but came back to it, noticing: Nope, its really not there. This has to be in there. Posted it in the DT Feature Request thread already, but maybe Elektron doesnt find it?!

So @Elektron: We neeeeeeeed this Feature! :slight_smile:

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My understanding is that samples are referred to by a hash code (whether from the 127 samples slots in a project, or in the saved Sound on +Drive). This enables you to re-arrange the samples on the +Drive without messing up the projects…

…So if Projects are exported via SysEx… then presumably the 127 sample slots will be exported as the hash value. Even if we can’t get the +Drive via SysEx dump - then at least we’ll need the hash-to-name mapping, and preferably the +Drive directory structure so that software that manages those dumps (I’m planning some) can display sample names correctly.


We also need a way to get samples/sounds/etc from the machine. I would much prefer a method such as Novation does with their packs, where you create a full snapshot of the machine. In the DT case it won’t be much larger than 1GB per backup.

I’d sign for that vs. messing about with backing up my sounds and samples and then doing some sysex dump. But in the end what matters is that you can setup a new machine with your backups in case it breaks.


Yeah, that’s a big deal. Hopefully sorted soon.

I hope so! I have an iOS app in the works for it, but only so much can be done via MIDI CC’s


If I had to guess then I’d say that it’s all going to be done with the Transfer App. Looking at the way that it sends sample data straight into the DT without you having to initiate a transfer on the DT side, I can’t see a reason for it not to work the same the other way around. I think a future update will allow us to pull samples and sounds from the DT along with project data. We might even get the holy grail of organizing patterns and samples outside of their respective projects, but who knows…

What I hope they don’t do is make sample transfer from the DT the sole domain of Overbridge Premium. Pay-to-play has never been cool and I don’t want to be at the mercy of Apple’s or Microsoft’s passive-aggressive updates in order to get my samples out of the DT.

EDIT: The above meaning that I think there’s a much greater chance of Applesoft breaking Overbridge with an update than breaking the Transfer App. But maybe I’m being too optimistic :wink:

The Heat also needs a sysex dump !!!


Overbridge Basic
Sample manager/librarian functionality

They won’t :sunglasses:

I guess your post points to rytm’s graphic step sequencer in OB…:cheeky:

I really hope that some type of backup is supported soon. Frankly, it should have already been included but it seems the company execs rushed the product before it was ready. I’ve made hundreds of samples that I can’t get off the Digitakt without using a separate audio interface on my PC to re-sample what the Digitakt has sampled. That is ridiculous. Even worse, ever since I updated to 1.03 saving samples to the +Drive takes 10x longer than before (for example, saving a 50 KB sample file takes 10 seconds now - On 1.02 saving was almost instantaneous). So I think the +Drive is corrupted and needs to be reformatted.

I think they will add support for sysex for project, pattern and sounds but not samples.

Samples and some kind of “backup all” might never happen.

This is becoming more pressing for me. One of the encoders on my DT is starting to be scratchy and I intend to send it in at some point, but obviously not without backing up all my patterns and stuff. I still wonder (and this goes to those of you taking your DT on stage): what’s your plan B in case something goes wrong with your DT?