Set repetitions of patterns to a certain number?

Hey everyone :slight_smile:

I recently got into exploring the digitakts potential for generative stuff and ambient, and I wonder if theres some possibility to basically tell the digitakt to stop looping a track (or all tracks/patterns) after a certain amount of repetitions?

So, for example I would like to have it play 20 iterations of a pattern and then simply stop.

Sorry if there should be a super obvious solution, I did not have it for that long :slight_smile:


Copy your pattern into two slots and chain them 10 times each followed by empty patterns.

Will almost get you where you wanna go :slight_smile:

  1. Set CH.LEN to 20 times the length of the pattern.
  2. Create an empty pattern with CH.LEN of INF (wait, is that possible? Can’t remember)
  3. Chain the two patterns. It won’t stop the sequencer, but it’ll play the empty pattern forever.

That sounds sufficient, thank you both very much!